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New Face of Prada Is ... Tobey Maguire?

Could this have something to do with upcoming 'Gatsby' role?

(Newser) - When you think Prada, you probably don’t think Tobey Maguire. Yet Spider-Man himself is in fact the new face of the company’s menswear campaign, Vogue reports. On AdWeek , David Kiefaber finds the whole thing a little “random,” he writes, but “maybe they finally saw that... More »

Prada Ordered 'Old, Fat, and Ugly' Staff Fired

Manager told to lose weight, change hair to keep job

(Newser) - A former Prada store manager is suing the company for discrimination and harassment, saying one of its CEOs ordered her to “eliminate” about 15 managers that were “old, fat, ugly, disgusting, or not having the Prada look.” Manager Rina Bovrisse, who oversaw the 500-person staff of 40... More »

10 Most-Wanted Luxury Brands

Forbes runs down the luxury brands we most desire

(Newser) - Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates may actually buy the most designer goods, but when money is no object, we’ve all got expensive tastes. One research group asked 25,000 consumers to forget about price tags and name the luxury brand they covet most. Forbes runs down the... More »

10 Must-See Big Apple Buildings

There's plenty of NYC beyond the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty

(Newser) - Headed to New York for a burst of sightseeing? Trade the Statue of Liberty for a tour of the Big Apple’s 10 must-see buildings, as compiled by the Center for Architecture:
  1. Conde Nast Building
  2. Brooklyn Museum
  3. Prada New York
  4. Rose Center For Earth And Space
  5. Apple Store Soho
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Made in Italy — in a Chinese Sweatshop

Italian luxury goods made by Chinese labor cost 90% less

(Newser) - For consumers of luxury goods, the "Made in Italy" designation remains so prestigious that it can add 300% to an item's price. But the days of artisans plying their trade in little workshops are largely over, the Los Angeles Times reports, replaced by thousands of Tuscan factories employing Chinese... More »

Vogue Editor Strikes Back at Clinton

Wintour chides candidate for canceling magazine photo shoot

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton apparently hasn't seen The Devil Wears Prada. Vogue editor Anna Wintour, reputedly the inspiration for the title character, tongue-lashes the presidential hopeful in the February issue for backing out of the cover shoot, Women’s Wear Daily reports. According to Wintour, Clinton "decided to steer clear of... More »

Graydon Carter on Making a Scene—and a Magazine

'Life is all about seating and lighting'

(Newser) - Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter runs the glossiest magazine, hosts the most A-list parties, and runs one of New York's most exclusive restaurants, all on the same principle, he tells the Guardian's Janine Gibson: "Life is all about seating and lighting." The key, he says, is not who... More »

China's Malls Beg for Shoppers

China’s mall explosion may mimic US mortgages

(Newser) - The malls keep going up in China, but the number of mallrats isn't keeping up with them. Indications abound of retail real-estate bubble, the Christian Science Monitor reports, but warnings to banks about loaning to malls aren’t halting new construction. Consumption is only 37% of Chinese output—half the... More »

This 'Nanny' Is No 'Devil'

Credits don't see much to like about "The Nanny Diaries"

(Newser) - One-dimensional characters and wooden acting cripple "The Nanny Diaries," critics say, calling the lavishly appointed frustrated-underling tale similar to "The Devil Wears Prada" in everything except quality. "They should've thrown everything away except the title and the outline," writes Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune. More »

Sarko Kicks Back on Moguls' Dime

Families with ties to French Tiffany & Prada paid $60K for two weeks at US lakeside estate

(Newser) - Caving in to media pressure, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has revealed that his recent  luxurious vacation in the US was paid for by deep-pocket pals. The $60,000 two-week rent on a lakeside estate near Boston was covered by Agnès Cromback, the head of Tiffany-France, and financier Roberto Agostinelli,... More »

The Senator Wears Prada (Maybe)

Clinton's 'startling' show of cleavage gets the Post 's attention

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton was discussing the high cost of college, but some eyes were trained on the low cut of her neckline. Under the senator’s pink blazer sat a black top that revealed a modicum of cleavage and caught the eye of Washington Post fashion editor Robin Givhan, who finds... More »

Lexus Reaches for Luxury Cachet

Wealthy suburbanites' car of choice gets high-end makeover

(Newser) - Stodgy luxury standby Lexus is trying to trade up to the hot "prestige luxury" market with a new line of $70,000 and up automobiles.  Along with the new models comes a massive rebranding effort that aims, says a  marketing manager, to get "Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci... More »

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