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Fox News Correspondent Off the Air After Alleged Affair

Las Vegas hostess says she and Ed Henry 'pretty much just have sex'

(Newser) - Fox News has taken reporter Ed Henry off the air—at least for the time being—after reports of an affair with a Las Vegas hostess surfaced this week, Politico reports. Henry has been Fox News' chief White House correspondent since 2011. In Touch Weekly was the first to report... More »

Megyn Kelly: O'Reilly, CNN Should've Done More for Me

She says journalists need to stick together in the face of Trump

(Newser) - Fox News' Megyn Kelly is taking notes on who she feels could've been more supportive when she was attacked by Donald Trump, the AP reports. It's a list that includes both Bill O'Reilly and CNN. Kelly, in an interview with Charlie Rose to air on CBS' Sunday ... More »

Fox: Trump Has 'Sick Obsession' With Megyn Kelly

Network fires back after Trump tells followers to boycott show

(Newser) - Donald Trump isn't a man known for letting things go, but Fox News says it's time for him to get over his "sick obsession" with Megyn Kelly. The network issued an angry statement after Trump targeted the anchor yet again on Friday, urging his followers to boycott... More »

Fox Cancels Monday's Debate

After Trump, Kasich drop out

(Newser) - Fox News, apparently uninterested in hosting a forum in which Ted Cruz debates, alone, on live national TV, has canceled Monday's GOP presidential debate. Donald Trump was the first to drop out of the Utah debate, claiming on Wednesday that there have been "enough" debates already , and John... More »

'Enough': Trump Again Skipping Fox Debate

Could it have something to do with Megyn Kelly?

(Newser) - The front-runner will once again be absent : Donald Trump says he's skipping Fox News' GOP debate in Salt Lake City on Monday because nobody told him about it, per Politico . Trump is already scheduled to speak at a conference of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC, and he says there have... More »

Fox News 'Finished With Rubio'

'New York' says Roger Ailes and network have lost faith

(Newser) - "We can't do the Rubio thing anymore." That's what Fox CEO Roger Ailes recently told a host at the network he leads, or so reports Gabriel Sherman for New York . Until now, according to Sherman, Marco Rubio has enjoyed support from Fox, including softball interviews, "... More »

So Who Won: Fox or Trump?

Well, it's not exactly clear

(Newser) - Who won Thursday night: Donald Trump or Fox News? The early word seems to be that there's "no clear winner," as the Baltimore Sun puts it. Trump, of course, skipped the Fox News GOP debate, and other networks including CNN and MSNBC ran portions of Trump's... More »

Trump Says He'll Skip Fox Debate

He won't appear on stage with Megyn Kelly

(Newser) - Donald Trump on Tuesday bowed out of the final Republican presidential debate before the Iowa caucuses, saying Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly is "a lightweight." With 48 hours to go before the faceoff, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski confirmed Trump's decision Tuesday evening after a press conference in... More »

Fox Star Megyn Kelly Has a TV Role Model

She likes how Oprah was simply too good to ignore

(Newser) - The new Vanity Fair has Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly on its cover, and the headline makes clear the tenor of the piece: "Blowhards Beware: Megyn Kelly Will Slay You Now." Evgenia Peretz writes that Kelly is a "feminine icon of sorts," unafraid to go after... More »

Fox Suspends 2 for Swearing About Obama

Peters, Dash made 'inappropriate and unacceptable' remarks

(Newser) - Two Fox commentators have been given two weeks to cool their heels after crossing the network's line for criticism of President Obama. Strategic analyst Ralph Peters was suspended for calling the president a "total pu---" on Fox Business Network while discussing his Sunday night Oval Office speech on... More »

Fox Guest Arrested for Lying About CIA Service

Wayne Simmons appeared as terror expert dozens of times

(Newser) - A very talented fraudster managed to pass himself off as a former CIA operative in frequent appearances on Fox News over the last 13 years, prosecutors say. Wayne Simmons, 62, was arrested yesterday and accused of lying about serving as an "Outside Paramilitary Special Operations Officer" from 1973 to... More »

Trump Is Fighting With Fox News Again

And Fox News wishes we'd just ignore him

(Newser) - That most mercurial of tweeters, Donald Trump, is once again in a fight with Fox News after the network canceled his scheduled appearance on the O'Reilly Factor, the Star-Ledger reports. "Fox News has been treating me very unfairly, and I have therefore decided that I won't be... More »

On-Air Shooting Survivor: I Played Dead

Vicki Gardner gives her first interview

(Newser) - Vicki Gardner, the sole survivor of the WDBJ7 on-air shootings last month, gave her first interview to Greta Van Susteren on Fox News last night. "It was just very, very fast. And I saw movement. And then gunfire. Lots and lots of gunfire. From that point, it was very... More »

Fox Anchor Sues Hasbro for Naming Rodent After Her

Harris Faulkner says toy hamster was 'demeaning and insulting'

(Newser) - If Harris Faulkner were a 9-year-old girl, she might have been tickled to have a Hasbro toy named after her. But the 49-year-old Fox Report Weekend anchor is suing the toy company for bestowing her moniker on its Harris Faulkner hamster, part of its "Pet Pawsabilities" line for the... More »

Trump Finally Crossed the Fox News Line

Roger Ailes issues statement, is not pleased

(Newser) - OK, now Donald Trump has gone too far: Though the Republican presidential candidate managed to remain on decent terms with Fox News after he first slammed Megyn Kelly , his latest remarks on the Fox host have apparently, finally, crossed the line as far as the network is concerned. Roger Ailes... More »

Megyn Kelly Returns, and Trump Pounces

Fox anchor 'must have had a terrible vacation, she is really off her game'

(Newser) - Those worried the Donald Trump-Megyn Kelly conflagration had burned out should don protective gear once more: Kelly is back from a 10-day vacation, and the real estate mogul is back to his online berating of her, USA Today reports. On the heels of his remarks that Kelly was bleeding out... More »

Fox Chief 'Clears the Air' With Trump

Megyn Kelly says it's time to 'move forward'

(Newser) - Looks like Fox News and Donald Trump are friends again: The candidate will appear on Fox & Friends this morning, and Roger Ailes, the network's chairman, says the "air has been cleared" after what he describes as a "blunt but cordial" conversation in which he promised Trump... More »

GOP Debate Ratings Are Kind of Incredible

24M Americans tuned in

(Newser) - The Trump factor? As the pundits (and even candidates ) squabble over who won last night's debate, Nielsen figures give the crown to a different champ: Fox News. An estimated 24 million Americans watched the prime-time debate, far more than any primary debate in history, reports CNNMoney . In fact,... More »

Trump Has Harsh Words for Moderator Megyn Kelly

She 'really bombed,' he says after the debate

(Newser) - The debate is over, but Donald Trump isn't done sparring with moderators, particularly Megyn Kelly. He fired off late-night tweets venting that “Wow, @megynkelly really bombed tonight. People are going wild on twitter! Funny to watch," reports Politico . And: "I really enjoyed the debate tonight even... More »

Rick Perry Misses Debate Cut

Trump, Bush, Walker lead the way

(Newser) - Fox has announced the 10 candidates who have qualified for Thursday's prime-time debate, and it's bad new for Rick Perry and some other familiar names, reports the Los Angeles Times . Fox averaged five recent polls, and Perry finished eight-tenths of a point behind No. 10 John Kasich, notes... More »

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