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Merkel Calls Obama: Did You Tap My Phone?

German chancellor says it would be 'a serious breach of trust'

(Newser) - German Chancellor Angela Merkel complained to President Obama today after learning that US intelligence may have targeted her mobile phone, saying that would be "a serious breach of trust" if confirmed. For its part, the White House denied that the US is listening in on Merkel's phone calls... More »

Phone Company Fights FBI Records Demand

Rare act of defiance sets up landmark-yet-secret legal case

(Newser) - Every year, the FBI sends phone companies thousands of "national security letters," secret demands for customer data, and companies almost always silently comply with them. But one company is doing something extraordinary: It's fighting the letter in court, arguing that the demand itself, and the gag order... More »

$1,500 Device Intercepts Cell Phone Calls

Hacker worried about offering details at conference

(Newser) - A computer security researcher says he has built a device for just $1,500 that can intercept some kinds of cell phone calls and record everything that's said. Chris Paget planned to show off the device today during a talk at the DefCon hacker conference. But he was reconsidering the... More »

3 Stories