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BP Finishes Relief Well

Now comes the 'bottom kill' permanent fix

(Newser) - It's been off the radar for a while, but BP has reached a milestone of sorts in the Gulf: The relief well is finally finished—it has intersected with the blown well, putting the company on the brink of a permanent fix (after 5 months), reports CNN . Next step is... More »

Storm Forces BP to Halt Work on Relief Well

Now it's possible that the relief well will be unnecessary

(Newser) - BP engineers have suspended the drilling of a relief well in the Gulf of Mexico because of a tropical storm headed for the dig site, the Houston Chronicle reports. The crew of the Development Driller III will lock down the drilling rig for two or three days. By then, however,... More »

BP to Start Cementing Well

'Static kill' moves to second step

(Newser) - BP has been given the green light to cement its busted well in the Gulf of Mexico now that its "static kill" effort is going exactly as planned. Pouring heavy drilling mud into the Deepwater Horizon leak has reduced pressure, and BP plans to start pouring cement today, CNN... More »

BP: Relief Well May Not Be the Answer

Firm might try to plug busted wellhead directly

(Newser) - BP officials say the role of a relief well long considered the only surefire way to kill the Gulf oil leak is now unclear. A BP exec said today engineers may pump cement directly into the failed well using a surface ship. The company had already said it might do... More »

4 Stories