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Teacher Acquitted After Feeding Live Puppy to Turtle

Robert Crosland was accused of animal cruelty in Idaho

(Newser) - A junior high biology teacher who made national headlines for feeding a live puppy to a snapping turtle has been cleared of criminal wrongdoing. Robert Crosland was acquitted by a jury in Preston, Idaho, of animal cruelty charges, reports USA Today . Crosland has maintained from the start that he thought... More »

She Was Walking Her Daughter's Puppy. Then, a 'Pop'

Miami man accused of shooting Chihuahua to death with sniper rifle

(Newser) - An evening stroll with her 8-year-old daughter's puppy ended in tragedy Saturday for a Florida woman. WPLG and the Sun Sentinel report that a 19-year-old Miami man was arrested Saturday and hit with felony animal-cruelty charges after cops say he trained a sniper rifle on an 8-month-old Chihuahua, then... More »

100-Plus People Infected by Pet-Store Puppies: CDC

Agency links antibiotic-resistant Campylobacter infections to pet-store pooches

(Newser) - Eighteen states, more than 100 people sick, 26 hospitalizations—and an unknown number of puppies as the likely infection-spreaders. That's the word out of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has tied contact with puppies at six pet-store companies to the outbreak of human diarrheal infections from... More »

Deaf Puppy Falls Down Deep Hole, a City Responds

Toffee is safe and sound after 31-hour ordeal in Huntsville, Ala.

(Newser) - Puppy love overtook an Alabama city last week, and Toffee is now safe because of it. Per CBS News , Toffee is a 7-week-old deaf puppy that was being fostered in Huntsville when she ran into a bit of trouble: She fell down a 50-foot hole in a yard and stayed... More »

Puppies From Petland Are Making People Sick: CDC

39 people have come down with 'Campylobacter' in the last year

(Newser) - Don't look now, but those adorable baby Labradors and basset hounds you've fallen in love with might be getting you very sick. On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control announced that the "likely source" of an outbreak of Campylobacter —bacteria that can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain,... More »

Alleged Smuggler Caught With 20 Puppies in Crate

The dogs will be put up for adoption

(Newser) - Authorities say a smuggling suspect was arrested after 23 dogs—including 20 puppies packed in a nearly airless crate—were seized from an SUV at the US-Mexico border. The San Diego Union-Tribune reports the driver told officials at the San Ysidro border crossing on Saturday that he had picked up... More »

Meet World's 1st IVF Puppies

7 Cornell mutts hailed as 'huge breakthrough' that eluded scientists for 40 years

(Newser) - A surrogate hound gave birth to seven half-pound puppies on July 10, an everyday occurrence save that the squirmy furballs were the first dogs ever conceived in a test tube. "We each took a puppy and rubbed it with a little towel and when it started to squiggle and... More »

NYPD Nabs 8 'Burglar' Puppies in Holiday Sweaters

Police were responding to a suspicious call in Brooklyn

(Newser) - There were a few tense moments yesterday morning as NYPD officers rushed into an unoccupied three-family Brooklyn home while responding to a burglary call. But that tension turned to tenderness when cops discovered the true source of suspicious noises: eight white Maltese-mix puppies in a cage dressed up in holiday... More »

Dog Finds Puppies Abandoned in Trash Bag

3 terrier puppies were left near a trash can in an East Bay park

(Newser) - A couple was walking their dog in a park east of San Francisco when the Australian shepherd stopped to check out a garbage bag in a box near a trash can. The couple opened the bag, which was tied at the top, and found three 5-week-old terrier puppies inside. After... More »

Guy Sues: Cop Tased Me With a Puppy, Bro

Officer says man was being disorderly

(Newser) - It is accepted fact that holding a puppy can get a guy on most girls' warm and fuzzy side. This accepted fact does not, however, appear to carry over to the realm of Taser-wielding cops in New Mexico, reports KOAT-TV . As Eppie Cruz Montoya tells it, he was innocently trying... More »

Pet Shop Owner Jailed in Arson Case; 27 Pups Saved

All the dogs survived the fire

(Newser) - The owner of a business in Las Vegas has been charged with trying to burn her place down to collect insurance. But the reason Gloria Eun Hye Lee's case is getting so much attention is because her business happens to be a pet shop, and there were 27 puppies... More »

Strip Mall Fire Kills 30 Puppies

They die of smoke inhalation inside Miami pet store

(Newser) - Downer of the day: A fire last night at a strip mall in Miami killed 30 puppies, reports the Miami Herald . The pups died of smoke inhalation—all were French and English bulldogs, breeds known for having respiratory trouble. Firefighters were able to rescue a handful, but the owner of... More »

Court Warns Artist: No Strangling Puppies

German artist planned to strangle them in creepy show

(Newser) - Two puppies in Berlin would be relieved to read this. A court in Berlin stopped an artist from staging a provocative theater piece yesterday in which he planned to strangle two puppies with cable ties, The Local reports. The show's theme: the plight of Spanish hunting dogs and Alaskan... More »

Gosling Fans to People: You're Kidding, Right?

No way is Bradley Cooper sexier than Ryan, chant protesters at mag's office

(Newser) - Wall Street, squall street. One devoted band of New York activists had very different priorities yesterday: Letting People magazine know that Ryan Gosling is the real Sexiest Man Alive, not Bradley Cooper . "Bradley Cooper is just fine, but Ryan Gosling is divine," chanted demonstrators outside People's Manhattan... More »

NYC Stores Ban Drunk People From Buying ... Puppies

West Village pet shops tell the intoxicated to 'come back tomorrow'

(Newser) - Pet stores in New York City's West Village have discovered an unlikely downside of keeping shop in an area particularly dense with bars—drunk puppy buying, in the words of DNA Info . Yes, the pups playing in shop windows are apparently just too adorable for inebriated people to pass... More »

Arf! Arf! Dog Pops Out 17 Puppies

Which is an awful lot of work, it turns out

(Newser) - It doesn't quite have the ring of 101 Dalmatians, but 17 Rhodesian Ridgebacks are quite enough for one momma dog and her German owners. It took 4-year-old Etana 26 hours to give birth to the eight females and nine males in late September, reports the AP —and it's been... More »

Puppy-Drowning Girl Gets Off Scot Free

Apparently she's 12

(Newser) - Bosnian police have found the red-hooded girl who posted a video of herself throwing puppies into a river—and they’re not charging her with anything. According to a report in a German newspaper and translated by Gawker , police said the girl was only 12 years old, and hence “... More »

Teenage Girl Tosses Puppies Into River in Video

(Newser) - Cue the uproar from PETA and animal lovers everywhere: A video has surfaced on a site called Liveleak of a teenage girl in a red hooded top throwing six very young puppies into a river. Comments on the video claim to have identified the girl as being from Bugojno in... More »

7 Puppies Dead After American Airlines Flight

Airline investigating the shipper who put them aboard

(Newser) - American Airlines says seven puppies died after being put on a jet from Tulsa to Chicago. The airline says it contacted the shipper who put the puppies on the morning flight yesterday and is investigating further. The shipper put 14 puppies aboard Flight 851 scheduled to leave Tulsa at 6:... More »

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