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Expect More Lightning in Coming Years

Study: Climate change could spur up to 50% more strikes over next century

(Newser) - The US and China are working together to temper greenhouse-gas emissions, which could come in handy now that scientists are saying climate change might cause something else down the road: more lightning strikes. A study in Science says lightning frequency in the continental US could spike by more than 12%... More »

After Tragic Lightning Strike, Indians Leave Dead, Flee

11 Wiwa Indians in Colombia killed when ceremonial hut hit

(Newser) - After a lightning strike last week killed 11 Wiwa Indians and injured another 20 in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Colombia, members of the small tribe of 60 or so families are physically moving on—and in accordance with tradition, they're not burying the dead before they do. "... More »

Freak Lightning Strike at LA Beach Kills 1, Injures 12

Storm came from nowhere, witnesses say

(Newser) - A rare band of summer thunderstorms left one person dead and a dozen injured from lightning strikes at Venice Beach in Los Angeles yesterday. Witnesses tell the Los Angeles Times that the storm seemed to come from nowhere and lasted 15 minutes, causing panic as fishermen and beachgoers rushed to... More »

The Sun May Cause Lightning

Solar winds appear to trigger storms

(Newser) - The weather on the sun might just have an effect on the weather here on earth. Fast-moving solar winds tend to go hand-in-hand with an uptick in lightning storms, a new study reveals. The finding is somewhat puzzling as scientists have long believed that increased solar activity led to a... More »

Lightning Strikes Whole Family

Boy, 9, taken to hospital in serious condition

(Newser) - A German family is recovering after a grandma, her daughter and daughter-in-law, and two grandsons, aged six and nine, were struck by lightning this week, the Local reports. The family was bringing outdoor furniture and toys inside during a storm when the daughter-in-law felt "some tingling from head to... More »

Guy Struck by Lightning Twice in One Storm

But 31-year-old Casey Wagner is fine

(Newser) - Casey Wagner was at a mudding and off-roading event near Gainesville, Texas, on Saturday when a thunderstorm arrived. The 31-year-old rodeo clown moved under a tree, where he was struck by lightning not once, but twice, CBS Dallas/Fort Worth reports. "What I remember is just a loud boom and... More »

Pregnant Woman Struck by Lightning, Gives Birth

Dad also hit, but all 3 are fine

(Newser) - A pregnant New Mexico woman has survived a bolt from the blue to give birth to a bouncing baby girl. Kendra Villanueva and the baby's father Ian Gordon were watching fireworks with friends on July Fourth when lightning struck both of them in the front yard of an Albuquerque... More »

Lightning Strike Hospitalizes 23 Boy Scouts

3 adults also suffer burns in NH strike

(Newser) - A lightning strike during a massive thunderstorm sent 23 Boy Scouts and three adults to the hospital with burns ranging from mild to serious, WMUR reports. Fire officials—who praised the teens for staying "calm and cool" in the aftermath of the strike—say the group was sheltering under... More »

Lightning Sparks 70+ Wildfires in Wash. State

Officials call on 180 homes to evacuate

(Newser) - Lightning strikes sparked dozens of fires in central Washington state, with officials near Wenatchee calling for the evacuation of scores of homes. Residents of about 180 homes in foothills just west of the city have been urged to evacuate, police said late last night. A spokesman said the 500-acre blaze... More »

1 Dead, 9 Hurt as Lightning Strikes NASCAR Raceway

Race was cut short, but bolt hit parking lot

(Newser) - A NASCAR fan was killed and nine others were injured yesterday when lightning struck the parking lot behind the grandstand of Pennsylvania's Pocono Raceway. One of the injured was in critical condition. The race was called early because of stormy weather. A witness said that he and a friend... More »

Lightning Starts House Fire, Kills 2

Kentucky thunderstorms causing trouble across state

(Newser) - Lightning struck a home last night during powerful storms in Louisville, and the resulting fire killed a bedridden elderly man and his granddaughter. The woman was trying to get her grandfather out of the house, CNN reports. "Lightning struck an 80-foot-tall tree, hit about 40 feet up, and it... More »

Twitterverse Hails Massive NYC Storm With Boffo Pics

Millions transfixed by weather

(Newser) - New York City's 100-degree heat finally exploded yesterday in a spectacular rainstorm that spawned " ground-shaking " thunder, hail, high winds—and spectacular photographs that ricocheted across the Twitterverse and Facebook like lightning itself. Photos of massive clouds, quarter-size hailstones, drenched city streets, and a flooded Penn Station joined... More »

Gadgets Double Cost of Lightning Strikes

Strikes are down, but cost to replace high-tech items is up: study

(Newser) - Between 2004 and 2011, the total number of insurance claims paid out for lightning strikes dropped by one-third—so why, during the same time period, did the cost of those claims almost double? Simple: new gadgets that are susceptible to power surges. As TVs get more high-tech and computers or... More »

Day 1 as French President: Lightning Hits His Plane

What a way for Francois Hollande to start his term

(Newser) - Francois Hollande started off his new job as president of France with a bang: His plane was hit by lightning today en route to Germany. It was forced to return to Paris, at which point Hollande boarded a second plane and will be about an hour and a half late... More »

1 Killed When Lightning, Wind Hit St. Louis Beer Tent

200 people were celebrating Cardinals' 7-3 win over Milwaukee

(Newser) - One person died and 100 were injured, five seriously, when a sudden storm destroyed a beer tent where 200 people had gathered after a St. Louis Cardinals game yesterday, reports the Post-Dispatch . Sudden winds of about 50 miles per hour ripped through the tent behind Kilroy's Sports Bar for... More »

Mega Millions Ticket Buyer Struck by Lightning

What are the odds?

(Newser) - A Kansas man who quipped to a pal that he was more likely to be struck by lightning than to buy a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket turned out to be exactly right. Unlucky Bill Isles, 48, was struck by a bolt of lightning in the backyard of his Wichita... More »

Tourist Drops Dead After Grand Canyon Lightning Strike

5 others injured as bolt blasts ground nearby

(Newser) - A German tourist dropped dead seconds after a lightning strike at the Grand Canyon. Five other people in the woman's travel group were treated for minor injuries when the lightning hit the ground near where the group was standing. The flash didn't appear to directly strike anyone. Rangers... More »

18 Students, 1 Teacher Killed by Uganda Lightning

Strikes have killed at least 34 in recent weeks

(Newser) - Eighteen students and a teacher died after lightning struck their school in Uganda's midwest, police say. An additional 51 students between the ages of 7 and 16 were injured in yesterday's incident at the Runyanya primary school, about 160 miles west of Uganda's capital. Another school 200... More »

Lightning Kills Mom, 4 Kids

Father was away at work

(Newser) - A mother and her four children were struck dead by lightning when a bolt struck their thatched home in South Africa. Busisiwe Mdluli, 36, dropped dead alongside her children, ages 6 months to 12 years old. Three other children survived but were badly burned. The father was away at work... More »

Beloved TV Star Giraffe Killed by Lightning

He's found dead at South African game preserve

(Newser) - A beloved TV star giraffe has been killed by lightning on his South African reserve. Hamley, 7, has been a feature for the last 5 years in the popular ITV British series Young at Heart about a veterinarian and his family moving to Africa to start a game park. "... More »

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