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China: Great Wall Even More Great Than Thought

Beijing says the wall is more that twice as long as estimated in 2009

(Newser) - Last month, China adjusted its estimate of the Great Wall's length to 13,171 miles—more than half the Earth's circumference and 2.5 times the length estimated in 2009, as China found vast new swaths as it measured it for the first time. (The measurement considers how... More »

North Walks Out on Korea Talks

Refuses to apologize for shelling South, sinking ship

(Newser) - North Korea packed up its toys and went home today, abruptly ending low-level military talks between the two Koreas in Panmunjom, reports the New York Times. Pressed by Seoul military officials to apologize for shelling Yeonpyeong in November and sinking a warship last March, the North “unilaterally walked away... More »

North, South Korea Exchange Fire

No South Korean injuries reported

(Newser) - North Korea fired two rounds toward South Korea at their tense border and South Korean troops immediately fired back, an official said today. There were no South Korean injuries and it was unclear whether it was an accident or an intentional provocation, said an official at the Joint Chiefs of... More »

What If North Korea Collapses?

That's a 'black swan' we should be prepared for, writes Fareed Zakaria

(Newser) - It’s entirely possible—if not likely—that the North Korean regime could collapse in the near future, “and at that point, unless there is careful planning among South Korea, China and the United States, all hell will break loose,” writes Fareed Zakaria in the Washington Post . Kim... More »

Thawing Relations: South Korea Sending Aid to North

5,000 tons of rice, cement to be shipped

(Newser) - South Korea will send $8.5 million in aid to flood-ravaged North Korea in a sign of warming relations, NPR reports. The 5,000-ton shipment of rice and cement represents the South’s first major aid shipment to its neighbor after an alleged torpedo attack from the North in March... More »

China, North Korea Pump Up Ties During Kim's Visit

North Korean leader says he's rejoin nuclear talks

(Newser) - Kim Jong-Il and Hu Jintao cozied up during their secretive five-day meeting in China, with Hu using economic development aid for the impoverished North to prod Pyongyang into a return to six-party talks on nuclear disarmament. As the LA Times reports, Kim's trip clearly snubbed Jimmy Carter, seeming to indicate... More »

S. Korea to North: Time for Reunification?

Seoul broaches the idea of reunification tax

(Newser) - Given North Korea's penchant of late for threatening nuclear destruction and seizing fishing boats, the South had a strange message today: Let's get together. In a speech marking the Koreas' liberation from Japan, President Lee Myung-bak today called for a special tax that would pave the way for Seoul to... More »

Japan Should Apologize for Hiroshima

Or for nation's bloody actions leading up to bombing

(Newser) - Japan will commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing today, and for the first time, the US ambassador to Japan will be present. The son of the man who dropped the first atomic bomb called that gesture “an unsaid apology” from the Obama administration. But it’s not... More »

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