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Army to Cut 80K Troops in Biggest Post-WWII Shake-Up

13 out of 45 combat brigades to be axed

(Newser) - The Army is axing 13 of its 45 combat brigades in what it says is just the first round of downsizing under automatic budget cuts. Some 80,000 troops out of a total force of 570,000 will be cut over the next four years, and while the Army aims... More »

Pentagon Could Lay Off Tens of Thousands

Workers could get layoff warning just days before November election

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of civilian employees in the Defense Department could receive warnings about potential layoffs just four days before the November election if impending spending cuts aren't averted. That could hit presidential battleground states such as Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida hard, a prospect that is unnerving the... More »

Obama Cutting Thousands of Ground Troops

Military no longer expected to be able to fight two wars at once

(Newser) - The US military is going to end up with a lot fewer boots on the ground as a results of cuts included in the debt ceiling deal. As part of the Obama administration's military overhaul , to be unveiled today, air and sea forces will be boosted, but Army and... More »

Costly News: US Military's Equipment Is 'Geriatric'

Average F-15 is 25 years old

(Newser) - Precious few Americans drive cars manufactured in 1964—the same isn't true of the US Air Force. The average age of an Air Force plane ranges from 25 years for an F-15 to 47 years for refueling aircraft, the Wall Street Journal reports in a look at a pricey... More »

Panetta: Debt Deal Trigger Puts America in Danger

$1T in Pentagon cuts 'completely unacceptable'

(Newser) - The Pentagon can't tighten its belt any further without putting America in danger, Leon Panetta warns. The defense secretary says major cuts beyond the $350 billion outlined in the debt ceiling deal are "completely unacceptable" and could do "real damage " to national security, the New York ... More »

$2.4T Debt Deal Taking Shape?

Proposal would match debt ceiling relief to debt reduction

(Newser) - After weeks of posturing and pleading, with threat of a default just days away, news of a possible debt ceiling deal is dribbling out of Washington, first reported by ABC 's Jonathan Karl. The deal would raise the ceiling by $2.4 trillion in two phases, enough to last... More »

Pentagon to Slash $100B From Budget

Weapons systems in development to be axed

(Newser) - Defense Secretary Robert Gates is set to unveil details of some $100 billion in Pentagon spending cuts, sources tell Reuters . The savings, which could be announced as early as Thursday, are expected to include cuts to some weapons programs, including the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, a 40-ton landing craft being developed... More »

Top Brass in Huff Over Pentagon Cutbacks

Move to end 'brass creep' ruffles feathers

(Newser) - Four-star military commanders have joined the ranks of Americans worried about keeping their jobs. Defense Secretary Robert Gates made it clear when he announced Pentagon cutbacks this week that he plans to reduce "brass creep" in the military, and the decision has ruffled many feathers in the top ranks,... More »

Pentagon Slashing Thousands of Jobs

Gates to ax Joint Forces Command

(Newser) - "No sacred cows" are safe from the budget ax as the Pentagon seeks to trim spending, Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned yesterday as he announced massive cuts. Reductions include the closure of Joint Forces Command, which employs some 5,000 people, and a 10% reduction in the budget for... More »

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