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Palace Releases Official Royal Wedding Photos

Family portrait included among 3 new images

(Newser) - Kensington Palace has released three official wedding photographs taken of Prince Harry and the former Meghan Markle shortly after their wedding, the AP reports. Alexi Lubomirski's images include a family portrait of the couple with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, and their spouses, as well as Markle'... More »

Miley Issued an Apology in 2008. Now She's Taking It Back

Cyrus tweets defiant message on Twitter regarding controversial 'Vanity Fair' pic

(Newser) - It started out as what Billboard deems a "trip down memory lane" on Sunday, as Miley Cyrus posted pictures of herself as a kid on Twitter. But by late afternoon, a more defiant tweet had emerged, referencing something from a decade earlier. Cyrus posted a picture of a 2008... More »

Cannes Bans 'Grotesque' Red-Carpet Practice

Selfie-takers won't be allowed in to see films

(Newser) - Want to take a selfie on the red carpet during the Cannes Film Festival? Well, you can't. That's the message from top festival official Thierry Fremaux, who says red-carpet selfies will be banned at this year's star-studded event, the AP reports. Violators, he said on Europe 1... More »

Annie Leibovitz Snaps 68 Years of Royal Wedded Bliss

Pic taken by celebrity photographer of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip released

(Newser) - Friday is Prince Philip's 95th birthday—a fitting day to see the release of the final Annie Leibovitz photo of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, with him smiling sweetly by her side. The fourth photo of the queen in the Leibovitz four-photo series, commissioned to celebrate Elizabeth's 90th... More »

Don't Even Think of Taking a Selfie in a WVa Voting Booth

It's technically illegal, and they'll (somehow) be watching

(Newser) - If you want to share your voting experience on social media, you'll have to find some way other than taking a photo in the voting booth in West Virginia: Natalie Tennant, the secretary of state there, says such selfies are forbidden, the AP reports. The Charleston Gazette-Mail points out... More »

27 People Died Taking Selfies Last Year

India and Russia are particularly plagued by this issue

(Newser) - The Washington Post takes a deep dive into the field of selfie research, and it's come up with a disturbing number: The paper says 27 people died while taking selfies in 2015, and in some countries, it's become a major headache. Nearly half of those deaths occurred in... More »

See the Moon Missions Like Never Before

NASA's Project Apollo Archive shares thousands of high-res photos

(Newser) - We bet we can guess how anyone not entirely convinced that the US put a man on the moon will be spending their day. Kipp Teague has just updated NASA's Project Apollo Archive's Flickr account with 8,400 unprocessed, high-res, never-before-seen photos taken during the Apollo missions from... More »

Wolfram's Latest IDs What's In Your Photos

At least, it tries to...

(Newser) - You probably can already identify the contents of most of your photos, but this is still fun. A new website from Stephen Wolfram, whom you may know from the search tool WolframAlpha , lets you drag and drop any photo; it will then in theory identify what's in it. Right... More »

Lincoln's Funeral? Rare Photos May Capture the Moment

Retired accountant spots telling pics on archive website

(Newser) - Two photographs hidden in the National Archives for decades may be rare images of Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession in New York City, the Washington Post reports. They capture the blur of a big black object—possibly a horse-drawn carriage—and hundreds of men, some with bowed heads, outside what... More »

Man Sued for Taking Topless Photos Atop NYC Landmark

Empire State Building owners not pleased with 86th-floor shot

(Newser) - The Empire State Building's owners feel strongly about the landmark's reputation as a "safe and secure family friendly tourist attraction"—so much so that it's suing a photographer who temporarily made it a little too R-rated. On Aug. 9, Allen Henson had a model strip... More »

Rare Photos Found From 1915 Antarctic Expedition

Negatives are discovered frozen in hut's darkroom

(Newser) - Ghostly images of a nearly 100-year-old Antarctic expedition have been rescued from a block of ice and processed for the first time, Guardia reports. They date back to 1915, when an advance team for Sir Ernest Shackleton called the Ross Sea Party arrived to set up supply depots for the... More »

Obama White House Photos Are Pure 'Propaganda'

AP photo chief criticizes restrictive policy on news photographers

(Newser) - It's true that the Obama White House releases boatloads of photos of the president at work and play, but the director of photography at AP has a not-so-flattering description of the end result: "propaganda." In a New York Times op-ed railing against the Obama administration's "... More »

New Photos Emerge of Tsarnaev Capture

'Boston Magazine' releases more from state police photographer

(Newser) - Dramatic new photos show the Boston Marathon bombing suspect, his face bloodied, climbing out of a boat in a suburban backyard as police officers wait for him to drop to the ground. The images were among those a state police officer provided last month to Boston Magazine, which published some... More »

This Was 'Worst Day' of Obama's Presidency

Photo is of Sandy Hook briefing; White House releases images from 2012

(Newser) - White House photographer Pete Souza has released a collection of images from 2012, and they can be viewed on the official Flickr stream here . We picked out a few, including one getting a lot of attention today: President Obama's reaction as he gets briefed on the Sandy Hook shooting.... More »

Polaroid to Open 'Fotobar' Store to Print Digital Images

Company wants to capitalize on smartphone photos

(Newser) - Polaroid thinks there's money to be made in all those photos stored on people's smartphones. It plans to open its first bricks-and-mortar "Fotobar" store next month in Florida—a place where people can transfer images to a work-station, tweak them to their heart's desire, print them... More »

Thief Takes Camera With Last Photos of Aurora Victim

Her grandfather pleads for return of the memory card

(Newser) - A burglary victim in Denver hopes his thief has a heart. Robert Sullivan is pleading for the return of a memory card stolen along with four cameras from his home, reports the Denver Post . Sullivan is the grandfather of 6-year-old Veronica Moser-Sullivan, who was the youngest person killed in the... More »

Rare Photos of NYC Go Online

870K images going back to 1800s added to public database

(Newser) - Prepare to lose some serious time if you're fascinated by historic photos and/or New York City: The Department of Records has put 870,000 images online for the first time, some of them going back to the 1800s, reports AP . The collection is here , though heavy demand is making... More »

Facebook Reunites Tornado Victims With Lost Photos

Two sites let people check out and claim recovered photographs

(Newser) - The tornado that devastated Joplin also scattered countless family photos to the winds. Facebook to the rescue. Two sites in particular, here and here , are acting as a clearinghouse of sorts for found photographs. Scans of the images get posted there, where tornado victims can spot them and eventually claim... More »

Palin on Photos: Stop Pussy-Footing Around

Show us the blood

(Newser) - Release the Osama bin Laden takedown photos—now—Sarah Palin is demanding. "Show photo as warning to others seeking America's destruction. No pussy-footing around, no politicking, no drama; it's part of the mission," Palin tweeted yesterday. Others agree photos of the dead terror master should be... More »

Stark Scenes of 1906 'Frisco Quake Debut

Smithsonian volunteer uncovers six previously unpublished photos

(Newser) - For the first time, history buffs can view the devastation of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake in true color photographs. The Smithsonian Institution has uncovered a set of six photos taken after the earthquake that appear to be not only the first color photos of the ruins, but the first... More »

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