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What's Best for Angelina May Not Be Best for You

Remember: health industry 'gets rich off fear': Mary Elizabeth Williams

(Newser) - There's no question that Angelina Jolie made a courageous move in undergoing a double mastectomy . But in the applause for her decision, it's important to keep the cancer conversation in context, writes Mary Elizabeth Williams—herself a cancer survivor —at Salon . "I can swear to you... More »

Cancer Didn't Take Me, but It Did Take My Red Hair

Mary Elizabeth Williams explains why it's not a petty concern

(Newser) - When Mary Elizabeth Williams found out that the cancer on her scalp had been successfully removed, her first feeling was relief … followed quickly by, “What do you mean I can't color my hair?” Williams, who has been chronicling her cancer experience on Salon , had a circle of skin... More »

My 'Best' Summer...With Cancer

Author recounts her melanoma diagnosis last week

(Newser) - It took nothing more than a bump on the head to grind Mary Elizabeth Williams' "best summer of my life" to a halt last week, she writes for Salon. "I hypochondriacally Googled 'infected cuts,' " she writes, never dreaming her search term should have been "cancer"... More »

3 Stories