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Facebook Kills 'Places'

But location will soon be front and center in all posts

(Newser) - Facebook published a 1,200-word blog post yesterday detailing its latest privacy changes , but one little tidbit is just getting attention today: Toward the end of the post, the social networking site announced it will be “phasing out” Facebook Places, its Foursquare-like check-in service that debuted to much hype... More »

Military: Don't Use Facebook Places in War Zones

Commanders fear social media could reveal locations to the enemy

(Newser) - The Air Force is warning personnel that while geolocation features like Facebook Places or Foursquare may be a great way to let your buddies know where you're having lunch, you shouldn't use them in war zones. "Careless use of these services by airmen can have devastating operations security and... More »

Facebook Places Totally 'Boring': Foursquare Honcho

It has 'barely any incentives,' says Dennis Crowley

(Newser) - Facebook Places may have some privacymongers shaking in their boots , but the guy who co-founded Foursquare isn't so scared. Dennis Crowley basically thinks it's pretty darn boring, he tells the Telegraph . “I have now had a chance to play around with Facebook Places and it’s not that great... More »

Facebook's Places Kills the Little White Lie

Careful, location check-ins will expose your fibs

(Newser) - Facebook's new Places feature (details here ) is "sure to affect your relationships in amazing and awful ways," writes Farhad Manjoo for Slate . He focuses on one of the potentially awful ways, the one in which Facebook "becomes the honesty police, a social truth serum that will... More »

How to Disable Facebook's Places

Location-based feature is opt-in—here's how to opt out

(Newser) - Facebook has unveiled its long-awaited Places feature , as usual assuming that all users will be thrilled to "take part in all of their privacy-eroding new features," writes Adam Dachis at Lifehacker . Luckily, "it's pretty easy to opt out of this one," he says, assuming you're not... More »

ACLU Bemoans Facebook Places, but Many Are Fans

Privacy isn't a concern, say others

(Newser) - Facebook’s highly anticipated “Places” feature is here , and the ACLU is not happy about it. It's taken issue with features that allow your friends to check in for you and allow non-friends to see where you are via “Here Now." It declares (bold theirs) "in ... More »

'Facebook Places' Is a Go

'Facebook Places' lets users find out where their friends are

(Newser) - Facebook users already know what their friends are doing, now they can find out where they're doing it. The social networking giant has unveiled its new "Facebook Places" location-feature, which allows users to "check in" to a location and post it onto their profiles, CNET reports. The feature... More »

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