Jack DeCoster

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Kiss Runny Egg Yolks Good-Bye

... and other egg recall developments

(Newser) - As the egg recall beats on, some depressing news ... and more depressing news. The FDA chief has issued a tip for consumers, and fans of over-easy eggs won't be happy: avoid "runny egg yolks for mopping up with toast." And though the FDA said yesterday that it looks... More »

More Egg Recalls Coming, FDA Warns

As Congress questions what it knew about DeCoster

(Newser) - Even more eggs are likely to be recalled in the days ahead, the FDA announced today, enlarging an already massive recall that has affected half a billion eggs. "You have to wonder where the USDA and FDA inspectors were," say one attorney, telling MSNBC he's been retained by... More »

Scandals, Cruelty, Violations at Farm Behind Egg Recall

Recall expands to 380 million eggs

(Newser) - Looking for a villain in the massive egg recall announced Wednesday? Then meet Jack DeCoster, head of Wright County Eggs. The farm provided salmonella-tainted eggs to 15 of the 25 restaurants where people have gotten sick, and has, under DeCoster’s leadership, been involved in loads of scandals and health... More »

3 Stories