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Japan Bars Paris Over Drug Case

Tokyo a no-go for convicted socialite

(Newser) - It didn't take long for Paris Hilton to learn that a drug conviction can get in the way of a jet-setting lifestyle. The socialite—who pleaded guilty this week to a misdemeanor charge of drug possession—flew to Japan the next day and was refused entry, the AP reports. She... More »

Paris Cops Plea, Avoids Jail

But if she violates probation on cocaine rap, she faces prison

(Newser) - Paris Hilton managed to avoid a second stint in jail … for now, at least. She copped a plea in her cocaine possession case today, the AP reports, pleading guilty to two misdemeanors in exchange for a sentence involving $2,000 in fines, 200 hours of community service, a drug... More »

10 Ridiculous Celebrity Excuses

Paris Hilton isn't the first one to grasp at straws

(Newser) - Paris Hilton really, really thought that cocaine in her (er, a friend's ) purse was chewing gum . In her honor, PopEater lists nine more equally ridiculous tall tales celebs have dreamed up when they needed an excuse:
  • Britney Spears: Why did she drive with her infant son on her lap
... More »

Cops: Yep, Paris Got Special Treatment

But only to avoid 'disruptions' at jail

(Newser) - You better believe Paris Hilton got special treatment after she was arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession. "Yeah, she was treated differently so I don't have a disruption of my process here at the county jail," says the jailer who rushed Hilton through the booking process in three... More »

Paris Hilton to Be Charged With Felony

Cops reportedly found 0.8 grams of cocaine

(Newser) - Despite her insistence that the cocaine police found on her belonged to a friend, Paris Hilton will be charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. TMZ has a copy of the criminal complaint that will be filed today, which notes that 0.8 grams of cocaine were recovered from... More »

Paris Hilton: That Purse? Way Too Cheap to Be Mine

Therefore, the cocaine inside? Also not hers

(Newser) - For someone who just got busted on a cocaine charge, Paris Hilton doesn't seem too concerned. Sources tell TMZ she's "not worried about it" and has been telling people, "It could be a setup. Everyone knows how against cocaine I am." She claims the cocaine "probably"... More »

Cop Followed Hilton SUV's 'Vapor Trail'

Then she reached for lip balm, dropped coke bag

(Newser) - If you're going to smoke a joint, you probably shouldn't do it while driving: 1) an ostentatious vehicle; 2) down the Las Vegas strip; 3) with open windows; 4) past a cop. All of the above would seem to explain Paris Hilton's latest legal woes, reports the AP. A Las... More »

Paris Hilton Busted on Cocaine Charge

What happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas

(Newser) - It was probably just the stress of some guy with "knifes" trying to break into her digs, but Paris Hilton has had another run-in with the law: The heiress has been arrested after Las Vegas cops say they found cocaine in her possession, reports TMZ. Seems Hilton was the... More »

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