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Half of GOP Voters in Miss., Ala. Think Obama Is Muslim

Only 12% said he was Christian in Public Policy Polling survey

(Newser) - Despite years of assertions to the contrary, a chunk of voters continue to believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim. Mediaite noticed this nugget in this morning's Public Policy Polling survey from Alabama and Mississippi: Asked what religion the president is, a whopping 45% of GOP voters in Alabama,... More »

Limbaugh: Obama Wants Deal in Time for Ramadan

Though even he can't keep a straight face about it

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh couldn’t resist pushing the envelope a bit today with a crack implying that Barack Obama is Muslim. In a segment on the debt ceiling spotted by Mediaite , Rush said, “So Obama’s out there pushing this magic Aug. 2 deadline to get this thing done. That’... More »

Obama's Pitch to Muslims: Forget al-Qaeda

Bin Laden's death ushers in new era, president will say in speech

(Newser) - President Obama is preparing to give a major speech aimed at the Middle East, arguing that Osama bin Laden’s death, coupled with the “Arab spring” uprisings, herald the end of al-Qaeda’s grip on the Muslim imagination. “It’s an interesting coincidence of timing—that he is... More »

Obama's a Secret Muslim: O'Donnell's Old Campaign Chief

A 'commie-influenced Muslim,' even

(Newser) - Another day, another person calling President Obama a secret Muslim —only this time, the person in question has a history with Christine O’Donnell. Jon Moseley, who's described himself as manager of O'Donnell's failed 2008 Senate campaign and also worked as its treasurer, is a longtime activist who's toiled... More »

This Bigotry Is Not America

Hate only helps jihadis, Kristof says

(Newser) - Once in a while, Americans forget what makes them American and descend into bigoted craziness, writes Nicholas Kristof for the New York Times , noting our "shameful" internment of Japanese during WWII. And now with the editor of the New Republic openly questioning whether Muslims deserve First Amendment rights and... More »

Obama: I Can’t Plaster Birth Certificate to My Forehead

Says, plainly, 'the facts are the facts'

(Newser) - Barack Obama sat down for an extensive interview with Brian Williams last night, but much of the hot-button stuff comes in a two-minute segment about, you guessed it, religion and country o' birth. When asked about the "significant numbers" of Americans who believe he is a Muslim, the president... More »

Billy Graham's Son: Obama 'Born a Muslim'

... because his father was a Muslim, explains Franklin

(Newser) - People are confused about the president's faith because he was "born a Muslim," declares the son of Billy Graham. It's simple: Barack Obama's father was a Muslim, "and the seed is passed through the father," the Rev. Franklin Graham tells CNN in an interview airing tonight.... More »

Obama Quietly Talks to Muslims

White House reaches out to neglected constituency

(Newser) - Barack Obama has gone out of his way not to be seen with Muslim or Arab-American leaders, and he's still never set foot in a mosque as president, but behind the scenes, his administration is listening and responding to the concerns of American Muslims. Community leaders have participated in policy... More »

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