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Culprit Found in 13th-Century Eruption That Rocked Earth

Polar traces indicate Indonesian volcano

(Newser) - An eruption in 1257—the biggest in the last 3,700 years—was so vast that it left its mark at opposite ends of the Earth and exacted a profound short-term impact on the climate, including a "year without a summer." Its chemical signature appears in Arctic as... More »

Thousands Flee as Indonesia Volcano Erupts

No casualties reported after Mount Lokon explodes

(Newser) - Indonesia's Mount Lokon volcano suddenly blew its top yesterday, sending thousands of panicked residents fleeing down its slopes as ash, sand and rocks were thrown 5,000 feet in the air. Three powerful eruptions occurred in three hours, but there were no immediate reports of casualties, AP reports. Police... More »

Obama Likely to Cut Indonesia Trip Short

He may not get to deliver key speech because of volcano

(Newser) - Barack Obama will likely be forced to shorten what was already supposed to be a brief trip to his one-time home of Indonesia, thanks to the eruption of Mount Merapi. The trip was originally supposed to be a 24-hour affair, running from midday today to midday tomorrow, but now Obama’... More »

Indonesians Flee Still-Rumbling Volcano

Death toll hits 141, Merapi could blow again

(Newser) - Indonesians are scrambling to get out of Mount Merapi's way today, as the death toll reached 141 and the volcano continued to belch gas clouds and threaten to erupt again at any moment. Overloaded trains carried twice their normal passengers out of the 400,000-strong city of Yogyakarta, some 20... More »

Indonesia Volcano Death Toll Doubles

Searing gas cloud kills dozens in 'safe zone'

(Newser) - Blistering gas from Indonesia's most volatile volcano spewed farther than expected today, incinerating houses at the edge of the danger zone, triggering chaotic evacuations and pushing the death toll above 100. Soldiers joined overnight rescue operations in a village 9 miles from the crater of Mount Merapi, pulling at least... More »

Indonesia Evacuates After New Volcano Blast

One woman killed fleeing most powerful eruption so far

(Newser) - Indonesia's volatile Mount Merapi powerfully spewed smoke and ash into the air again today, killing one and forcing the military to evacuate the mountain's slope—in some cases, the AP notes, forcibly dragging screaming villagers away as the nation dealt with the latest natural disaster. The 21-minute eruption was followed... More »

Tsunami, Volcano Kill 130 in Indonesia

Thousands flee erupting Java volcano

(Newser) - Twin disasters caused by activity in the Pacific "Ring of Fire" have killed at least 130 people in Indonesia. A tsunami triggered by an earthquake has killed more than 100 in an island chain west of Sumatra. Hundreds more villagers are missing. On the island of Java, the Mount... More »

Indonesian Volcano Erupts Again

Thirty thousand evacuated so far

(Newser) - The Indonesian volcano that erupted for the first time in 400 years yesterday blew again today, forcing 30,000 people to evacuate. Clouds of hot ash shot more than a mile into the air, the AP reports , causing some domestic airplanes to be diverted and local residents to don masks... More »

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