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San Diego: Nation's Meth Gateway

Report shows 70% of US supply enters through the city

(Newser) - If you're talking about our country's meth crisis and looking to point fingers, go ahead and direct yours to California, and San Diego in particular. "California is now the primary source for methamphetamine nationwide with as much as 70% of the US foreign supply of methamphetamine being... More »

Border Agent Found Dead After Brutal Alleged Crime

Esteban Manzanares allegedly raped female immigrants, kidnapped one

(Newser) - Esteban Manzanares was patrolling near the Texas-Mexico border when he came across a woman and two girls— Honduran nationals suspected of entering the US illegally. What allegedly happened next is horrific: Officials say the border agent raped the woman and slashed her wrists, then assaulted her daughter, 14, and tried... More »

Texas County Overwhelmed by Dead Illegal Immigrants

Sparsely-populated Brooks County saw 129 bodies last year

(Newser) - Last year, a border county in Texas recovered 129 bodies belonging to immigrants who were attempting to make the trek from Mexico only to be felled by the elements; the toll stands at 76 so far this year. That's a staggering number for Brooks County, which has historically seen... More »

US Uses Border Searches to Seize Devices: Manning Ally

Technique allows warrantless search of electronics

(Newser) - If you cross in to or out of the US, the government might seize your electronic devices—whether it's got a warrant or not. David House, a fundraiser for Chelsea Manning's legal defense fund, found that out the hard way in November 2010, after a trip to Mexico.... More »

At Mexico Fun Park, a Border-Crossing 'Experience'

...without the border

(Newser) - Splash Mountain it ain't: One of the attractions at Mexican amusement park Parque EcoAlberto is a re-creation of an illegal US-Mexico border crossing, complete with smugglers, dogs, sirens, and border patrol agents, PBS reports. It isn't supposed to be fun—the three-hour "Night Walk" experience is intended... More »

Rio Grande Is New Hot Spot for Border Crossings

Tops Tucson crossings for first time in two decades

(Newser) - Unauthorized border crossings from Mexico to Tucson are so 2012. In 2013, it's all about Texas' Rio Grande Valley, which has topped Tucson's apprehension figures for the first time in 20 years, the New York Times reports. Since October 2012, 94,305 people have been apprehended crossing in... More »

TB Patient at Border Traveled Through 13 Countries

Strain he has is especially dangerous and resistant to most drugs

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal has a scary story that illustrates just how easy it is for even one person to spread a lethal, drug-resistant disease. US border authorities in South Texas have detained a man trying to sneak across from Mexico who has a rare strain of TB. That's... More »

Attempt to Scale Border Fence Goes Poorly

Border patrol assumes it was a smuggling operation gone wrong

(Newser) - Suspected smugglers who tried to use ramps to drive an SUV over a 14-foot-tall border fence had to abandon their plan when the Jeep became stuck on top of the barrier. Agents patrolling the US-Mexico border near the Imperial Sand Dunes in California's southeast corner spotted the Jeep Cherokee... More »

Mexico Outraged After Teen Killed by Border Patrol

Agent reportedly opened fire on rock-throwers

(Newser) - A US Border Patrol agent, responding to reports of suspected drug smugglers, opened fire on a group of people throwing rocks from across the Mexican border, killing a teenage boy and eliciting outrage from the Mexican government. Authorities said the agents in Nogales, Arizona, had responded to reports of suspected... More »

Border Patrol Agent Killed in Shooting

Another wounded in Arizona clash

(Newser) - A Border Patrol agent was killed and another wounded in a shooting near the US-Mexico border in Arizona, the Department of Homeland Security said today. The agents were shot while patrolling in Naco, Arizona, shortly after midnight today, according to the Border Patrol. The wounded agent was airlifted to a... More »

132 Mexican Inmates Bust Out of Prison at Texas Border

Director, 2 workers held in prison break

(Newser) - Some 132 prisoners have escaped from a northern Mexico prison close to the US border, setting off a massive manhunt. The director and two workers at the Piedras Negras institution have been detained in an investigation into the prison break just across the border from Eagle Pass, Texas. Nearly 90... More »

'Extraordinary' US-Mexico Drug Tunnel Found

Arizona tunnel was built by professional engineers, DEA says

(Newser) - One of the biggest and best-engineered cross-border drug tunnels yet has been found by drug enforcement agents in the US. The 755-foot tunnel linked a warehouse in southwestern Arizona with a derelict ice-making plant behind a strip club in Mexico, reports the Los Angeles Times . It could only be accessed... More »

49 Bodies Dumped on Mexican Highway

Latest casualties found near border city of Monterrey

(Newser) - Mexico today made the latest grisly discovery in its drug war: 49 bodies, some of which were mutilated, were dumped along a highway connecting the northern city of Monterrey with the US border, reports the AP . The 43 men and six women were found early this morning in the town... More »

Border Patrol Changes Its Strategy

It's focusing on 'risk-based' enforcement

(Newser) - The Border Patrol debuted a new strategy today—its first in eight years—that aims to make the patrol more "intelligence-driven." The agency's previous strategy was to flood high-traffic areas with agents, and even after all that time, "the jury, for me at least, is out... More »

In Ciudad Juarez, New Slew of Missing, Murdered Women

Remains of 12 people found recently determined to be female

(Newser) - The remains of 12 girls and women have been found in Ciudad Juarez in recent months, increasing concerns that young females are being targeted in the violent Mexican border city. Just six of the victims have been identified, all of them teens reported missing in 2009 and 2010; the other... More »

For Illegals, No More Mr. Nice Border Patrol

'Consequence delivery system' won't just turn border crossers around

(Newser) - Up until recently, if you were caught crossing the border illegally into Douglas, Ariz., Border Patrol would give you a sandwich and some orange juice—and drive you right back to Mexico. Not anymore. The US Border Patrol is changing its policy, instituting a new "Consequence Delivery System" that... More »

Feds Find Another Huge Drug Tunnel

It connected warehouses in Mexico and California

(Newser) - Another massive tunnel used for drug smuggling that stretches across the US-Mexican border is out of operation. The subterranean passageway connected a warehouse in Tijuana to a warehouse in San Diego and is the latest and most significant among a string of hidden drug-smuggling corridors located by authorities, reports AP... More »

US Border Fence Extending 300 Feet Into Pacific

$4.3M, 18-foot fence to extend into Imperial Beach waters

(Newser) - For some people, "from sea to shining sea" just isn't good enough, not when it comes to keeping illegals out of America the beautiful. The Great Wall of America is getting a $4.3 million upgrade at its westernmost point, at scenic Imperial Beach, where an 18-foot-high steel... More »

Bachmann: I'll Finish the Border Fence

GOP candidate doubles down on illegal immigration

(Newser) - She's not using John McCain's painfully forced "complete the danged fence" phrase, but Michele Bachmann is vowing to do just that. Yesterday the struggling Tea Party favorite signed a pledge to complete a double fence along the whole US-Mexico border by 2013, calling it "job No.... More »

20 Dead in Mexican Prison Riot

Officials aren't saying what caused the violence

(Newser) - A prison riot in the violent Mexican border city of Matamoros has left at least 20 dead and 12 injured, reports the LA Times . The trouble started as a fight between two inmates, and quickly grew into a full-fledged riot. Officials are not saying what caused the fight or who... More »

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