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Secret to Weight Loss: Bigger Portions?

It's true, assuming those bigger portions have few calories

(Newser) - If you're trying to lose weight, you might want to put more stuff on your plate. Sound counterintuitive? Well, there's a catch: It has to be healthy, low-calorie stuff. A number of studies indicate that human hunger tends to be satisfied by the volume of food consumed, not... More »

Next on Michelle's Hit List: Restaurant Industry

First lady to prod restaurateurs for smaller portions

(Newser) - Michelle Obama is taking her next shot at obesity, calling on the National Restaurant Association to enact nutrition reforms similar to those she has worked out with Walmart and the nation's schools, the New York Times reports. The first lady is pushing for restaurants to serve smaller portions and make... More »

Dear America, Eat Less. Sincerely, Feds

New federal guidelines urge limits on salt, saturated fat

(Newser) - Not only are the feds picking on how many Twinkies vs. how many carrots you eat, but the New York Times reports that now they're picking on how much you eat, period. The newest federal nutrition guidelines, revised every five years, predictably admonish Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables... More »

Regular Portions Really 'Super-Sized'

Think twice before ordering that 12-oz steak

(Newser) - Diet experts have been saying it for years, and now an official study confirms: That “single serving” meal you’re served at a restaurant is actually a double portion—or more. “Eating half of what the restaurant serves is often just about right,” says the nutrition director... More »

4 Stories