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Panera Ditching 150 Artificial Ingredients

Chain draws 'line in the sand'

(Newser) - If you've become accustomed to caprocaprylobehenin in your Panera meals, get unaccustomed. The casual-eating chain announced yesterday it's cutting that artificial ingredient and some 150 others (out of some 465 ingredients currently used) from its menu by the end of 2016 in response to consumer demand, the Wall ... More »

Why Some Ice Cream Bars Don't Melt

They've got too much gum and syrup

(Newser) - Don’t you hate it when you get distracted after opening an ice cream sandwich and it melts? On the flip side, don’t you hate it when it … doesn’t melt? An Ohio mom tells Cincinnati's WCPO that she got a little alarmed upon discovering that her... More »

Why McDonald's Food Never Decays

It's not because of chemicals

(Newser) - A number of casual, relatively unscientific experiments with McDonald’s food have turned up a disturbing discovery: The food seemingly never decays. A Happy Meal still looks kinda appetizing after 143 days on a shelf; a 12-year-old hamburger looks relatively similar to a new one; one burger traveled around the... More »

3 Stories