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Robo-Calls Push Voters to Draft Clinton in 2012

No one knows who's behind mystery calls

(Newser) - The “Hillary for president” campaign just got bumped up a notch: Voters across the nation have been getting robo-dialed by a woman—who sounds a bit like the good secretary of state—insisting that “America would be better off” with Clinton as president. The robo-calls, which have been... More »

Democrats Should Write In Hillary in NH Primary

Two pollsters call for grass-roots campaign to unseat Obama

(Newser) - It's time for Democrats to start a Draft Hillary campaign for the 2012 election, beginning with a write-in campaign in New Hampshire, write two Democratic pollsters on Politico . Patrick Caddell and Douglas Schoen called on President Obama to step aside last month, saying Clinton would make a far stronger... More »

Obama Must Step Aside, Let Hillary Run

Election, good governance require new Democratic candidate: pollsters

(Newser) - If the Democrats want to win in 2012—and be able to get anything done in the following four years—it’s time for President Obama to hand the baton to Hillary Clinton, write two Democratic pollsters in the Wall Street Journal . “Never before has there been such an... More »

Bow Out Now, Obama

'The vultures are starting to circle': Chapman

(Newser) - "The vultures are starting to circle" a president who can't solve the economy, can't excite his base, and "can't even sneak a cigarette," Steve Chapman writes in the Chicago Tribune . "But there is good news" for President Obama, Chapman insists: "I checked... More »

Paul Ryan: Obama Waging 'Class Warfare'

'Buffett Rule' finds no fan in Budget Committee chair

(Newser) - The so-called Buffett Rule, President Obama's pending plan to raise taxes on the rich named for Warren Buffett , found an outspoken critic in Paul Ryan today, Politico reports. "Class warfare might make for good politics, but it makes for bad economics," the House Budget Committee chairman tells... More »

Clinton: I'm Done After This Term

Secretary of state rules out another White House run

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton says she's not interested in staying on as secretary of state or in any other government job even if President Obama wins a second term in 2012. "There isn’t anything that I can imagine doing after this that would be as demanding, as challenging or rewarding,... More »

What Hillary Wants More Than the Presidency

She's looking at you, Chelsea

(Newser) - No pressure, Chelsea, but Hillary Clinton wants to be a grandma more than she ever wanted to be leader of the free world. Or so says Bill Clinton in a lighter moment of an interview at Davos, reports Reuters. When asked what he'd like to achieve in the next 10... More »

Clinton Wants to Be President, Not VP

And there are loads of loyalists spreading rumors about both

(Newser) - The Clinton-for-vice-president mania that kicked up briefly yesterday (only to be squashed by Clinton herself), was pretty misguided. Clinton has no interest in being vice president, former advisers tell Politico —but she may still want to be president. “Not happening,” one of Clinton’s top 2008 advisers... More »

Dentist Launches Hillary 2012 TV Campaign

'Where there's a Hil, there's a way'

(Newser) - A Chicago dentist has launched the 2012 presidential campaign a smidge early by running a pro-Hillary ad on television, reports CNN . The 30-second spot, paid for by William DeJean, says Clinton has "more experience working in and with the White House than most living presidents" and is "one... More »

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