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Turkey: ISIS Used Child Suicide Bomber to Kill Dozens

Erdogan says 12-year-old blew self up at outdoor wedding

(Newser) - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a nationally televised address Sunday that the suicide bomber in the outdoor wedding party attack that killed dozens was between 12 and 14 years old. At least 50 people were killed and dozens of others wounded in the attack late Saturday in the... More »

6 US Troops Killed in Afghan Suicide Attack

Taliban claims responsibility

(Newser) - Six American troops were killed Monday in a suicide attack near Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, reports the Washington Post , with three Afghan troops reportedly wounded. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing, which was the largest attack on foreign troops in Afghanistan since August. A US Army spokesman said it... More »

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Twin Attacks in Beirut

At least 37 killed, 180 injured

(Newser) - ISIS has claimed responsibility for the twin suicide bombing that struck a Shiite suburb in southern Beirut on Thursday evening, killing at least 37 people and wounding at least 180 more in one of the deadliest attacks in years. The explosions hit minutes apart in an area called Burj al-Barajneh... More »

Twin Bombs Hit Iran Embassy in Beirut, Kill 23

Al-Qaeda-linked group claims responsibility for Beirut blast

(Newser) - An al-Qaeda-linked group has claimed responsibility for twin suicide bombings that struck outside the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, killing 23 people, including an Iranian diplomat. The obscure Abdullah Azzam Brigades said in online posts that it carried out the mid-morning bombings today in a southern Beirut Hezbollah stronghold. The group... More »

Was Tiananmen Crash a Suicide Attack?

Death toll hits 5; police eye Xinjiang region

(Newser) - The death toll following yesterday's SUV crash in Tiananmen Square has climbed to five, with two tourists—a Chinese man and a Filipina woman—dead along with the vehicle's occupants. "It looks like a premeditated suicide attack," says a Reuters source. If so, it would be... More »

Suicide Bombers Penetrate Kabul's Green Zone

2 dead in suicide attack; Taliban claims responsibility

(Newser) - A suicide attack hit Kabul's Green Zone today, the fortified area housing government officials, diplomats, and US military, killing two Afghan security guards. The Wall Street Journal says a single bomber attempted to occupy an unfinished building, from which he could have fired into the CIA compound and nearby... More »

In Afghan Blast, Panetta at Greater Risk Than Reported

Runway explosion was a close call, say defense officials

(Newser) - New details in the Afghan truck explosion around the time of Leon Panetta's arrival: The driver was an Afghan interpreter working at Camp Bastion who apparently aimed his vehicle at two top NATO commanders waiting for Panetta's plane to arrive Wednesday. Defense officials initially downplayed the incident. The... More »

40 Dead in Pakistan Suicide Attack

Suicide bomber hits mosque during Friday prayers

(Newser) - A suicide bomber struck a mosque in a Pakistani tribal region during Friday prayers, officials said, killing at least 40 people and wounding 85 others in the deadliest attack in the country in recent weeks. Some 300 people had gathered for prayers this afternoon in the Sunni mosque, and many... More »

6 Killed in Hours-Long Afghan Siege

Taliban gunmen storm government building

(Newser) - Taliban fighters wearing suicide bomb vests hidden under police uniforms attacked a government building in eastern Afghanistan today, triggering an hours-long gun battle and killing six people, officials said. Four men armed with assault rifles and wearing explosives drove shortly before dawn into a compound that houses the provincial traffic... More »

Taliban Bomber Kills 6 at Military Hospital

Another 23 injured in Kabul suicide attack

(Newser) - In a brazen attack in Kabul's most secure district, a Taliban suicide bomber infiltrated the capital's main military hospital and killed at least six Afghan medical students and wounded 23 others. The bombing was a blow to Afghan and NATO forces that have expanded checkpoints and security cordons... More »

Taliban Attacks Afghan Military, Kills 13

Attackers wore army uniforms

(Newser) - Taliban suicide squads launched two attacks against Afghan security forces today, killing 13. At least four suicide bombers dressed in Afghan army uniforms stormed a recruitment center in Kunduz, setting it on fire amidst a lengthy gun battle. “There are gun shots, heavy machine guns fire and RPGs,”... More »

Kids Safer in Kabul Than NYC: NATO Official

Top envoy claims children in Kabul also safer than in London, Glasgow

(Newser) - Seventy-four children were killed by bombs or suicide attacks in Afghanistan during the first half of this year—but even so, a NATO's senior civilian envoy to the country claims that "children are probably safer here than they would be in London, New York, or Glasgow or many other... More »

Foreign Armies, Not Religion, Motivate Suicide Bombers

It's all about the troops, say researchers

(Newser) - The idea that suicide bombers around the world are motivated by religious zealotry is wrong, writes a University of Chicago researcher, who says their main motivation is to drive out foreign troops. Robert Pape and his colleagues analyzed the approximately 2,200 suicide attacks on which records exist since 1980... More »

US Troops Sucked Into New Iraq Skirmish

7 militants launch assault on Iraq military HQ

(Newser) - A week after President Obama declared an end to fighting by US troops in Iraq, American soldiers battled attackers at Baghdad's military headquarters yesterday. Dozens of people were injured and 12 killed. No Americans were injured. It was the first fighting involving US troops since the formal declaration of the... More »

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