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Ted Cruz Says Sorry for Repeat Joke About Biden

Made just days after Joe Biden's son Beau died from brain cancer

(Newser) - Telling the same tired joke over and over again is arguably just as bad as telling a "too soon" joke in bad taste. Ted Cruz earned the distinction of doing both yesterday in Michigan after he regurgitated a wisecrack he's used before about Joe Biden, just days after... More »

Stockbroker Loses Job Over Hit-and-Run 'Joke'

'It was a joke gone bad,' says Brit Rayhan Qadar

(Newser) - Humor is all about knowing your audience, and 21-year-old Brit Rayhan Qadar apparently didn't really know his. The stockbroker made an ill-advised "joke" on Twitter Monday morning and lost his job over it. The offending tweet (his account is now private, CNET notes): "Think I just hit... More »

Baby Tylenol Sent Through Mail Causes Anthrax Scare

Assistant district attorney sent it to colleague as a joke

(Newser) - Pro tip: Probably not a great idea to send Tylenol through the mail, unless you're using an envelope with a lot of padding. An assistant district attorney in Queens did not heed that advice, however, and when the Tylenol he sent to a fellow prosecutor got crushed into powder... More »

Specter: Romney Changes Positions Like a Porn Star

Seems the old senator is still trying to be funny

(Newser) - If Arlen Specter told a joke in the woods and there were no one there to hear it, well, at least there would be a lot fewer of us holding our heads and groaning. The former senator, who's spent his voter-mandated retirement ostensibly dabbling as a comedian , is now... More »

Behold: Oldest 'Yo Mama' Joke of All Time?

Ancient Babylonian tablet analyzed by researchers

(Newser) - At 3,500 years old, researchers may have deciphered the world's most ancient "yo mama" joke. Using images of a tablet discovered in 1976 but since lost, the pair dissected a series of jokes carved by a Babylonian student thousands of years ago, and their conclusions, originally published... More »

GOP Yanks Crass Obama Impersonator

Comedian told racial, gay jokes before organizers removed him

(Newser) - A President Obama impersonator at a Republican gathering in New Orleans yesterday was pulled off the stage after making a series of off-color racial and gay jokes, reports the Washington Post . The comedian, Reggie Brown, came out to the music of Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA,"... More »

Dalai Lama Pizza Joke Goes Splat

Punchline met by sound of one hand clapping

(Newser) - A goofy Aussie news anchor did not find eternal satisfaction when his lame pizza joke fell flat with a confused Dalai Lama. "So the Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop," begins anchor Karl Stevanovic (confused look from Dalai Lama, who turns to his translator for clarification). "... More »

Cops Goof on 'Pedobear' Warning

Police warn parents about a cartoon's 'love for girls'

(Newser) - Some California cops seem to have missed the point of ' Pedobear ,' a cartoon commonly used to mock pedophiles online, writes Adrien Chen on Gawker . The well-meaning folks at San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department have issued a misguided "Guide to Pedo Bear." The colorful handout describes... More »

8 Stories