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Arkansas: Here's What Officially Killed Those Birds

Findings on mass deaths released

(Newser) - Wildlife officials in Arkansas say that they still have no idea why more than 100,000 fish washed up dead along a stretch of river last year, but they have a theory on why thousands of blackbirds fell from the sky . The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission—echoing earlier findings... More »

2M Dead Fish Appear in Chesapeake Bay

Latest in string of animal deaths

(Newser) - And the dead animals keep coming and coming and coming . The latest: an estimated 2 million dead fish in the Chesapeake Bay. State officials investigating the fish kill believe winter temperatures are to blame. The majority of the dead fish are adult "spot," which a Maryland Department of... More »

In Louisiana, a Huge 'Fish Kill'

Residents fear it's related to oil spill, experts not sure

(Newser) - Near Louisiana's Plaquemines Parish, there lies what looks like a gravel road. It's not: It's a waterway clogged with hundreds of thousands of dead fish, crabs, stingrays, and eel—so many that it appears solid. A dead whale was also found in the area, WWL-TV reports. "Fish kills" are... More »

3 Stories