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NJ Trooper Accused of Covering Up Creative Dating Method

Marquice Prather allegedly pulled women over to try to get them to go out with him

(Newser) - Lots of people fall in love at work, but one New Jersey state trooper seemingly took this life goal to the extreme and is now paying the price for it. NJ.com reports that Marquice Prather, 37, was arrested Friday on records tampering charges and suspended without pay after authorities... More »

Trump Accused of Zapping Email Evidence in 2004 Suit

And his company's apparent email archiving process from '96-'01: delete them

(Newser) - It may have just become more difficult for Donald Trump to harp on Hillary Clinton's email woes . The Trump Organization apparently had an appetite for destruction when it came to its own emails, per a 2004 lawsuit in which his casino company was embroiled, reports USA Today . In the... More »

Bizarre Twist in Rape Case Against NHL Star

Rape kit evidence bag allegedly delivered to alleged victim's mother

(Newser) - In a bizarre turn of events in the rape case against hockey star Patrick Kane , the evidence bag once containing the victim's rape kit was found torn open and abandoned at the alleged victim's mother's front door yesterday afternoon, according to the 21-year-old accuser's lawyer. The... More »

South African Police Planted Knives on Dead Miners: Report

Video also shows dead workers in handcuffs

(Newser) - New photographic evidence in the ongoing court inquiry of the South African mine shooting last August suggests that police planted weapons near workers' dead bodies following the protest, a lawyer working on the case told an inquest. Police initially said they had acted in self-defense after the violent protest broke... More »

Mother Records 2-Year-Old Smoking Weed: Cops

Jessica Gamble faces 11½ years in prison

(Newser) - An Ohio woman encouraged her 2-year-old daughter to smoke pot, made a cellphone video of the child puffing on a joint, and now faces three felony charges and as much as 11½ years in prison, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. "It’s beyond disgusting,” the prosecutor says of the... More »

5 Stories