Queen Esther

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Israeli Rabbi Blesses Spies' 'Honeytrap' Sex

Sleeping with the enemy has Biblical precedent

(Newser) - It's kosher for women working for Israel's spy agency to trade sex for national security, according to an Israeli rabbi. Rabbi Ari Shvat's study concluded that so-called "honeytrap" sting missions, which have repeatedly been used by Mossad, don't violate Jewish law, ABC reports. The rabbi noted that similar missions... More »

Sarah Palin Has an Esther Complex

She and supporters like comparisons to the biblical figure

(Newser) - Read enough comments from Sarah Palin's supporters, and you're bound to come across some that compare her to the biblical figure of Esther, writes Michael Joseph Gross in Vanity Fair . Palin herself takes the analogy seriously, and suggests "her rise to power is divinely ordained." Today, Gross prints... More »

2 Stories