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China Takes Over Key Pakistan Port

India alarmed by string of Chinese ports

(Newser) - China has taken over management of a major port in Pakistan in a move that gives it a potential naval base close to the Strait of Hormuz, reports Reuters . China paid most of the $248 million used to build the port of Gwadar on the Arabian Sea, aiming to slash... More »

Passenger Dies on Luxury Flu-Liner

(Newser) - A 74-year-old passenger has died after some 150 people fell ill with suspected norovirus on the luxury cruise liner Marco Polo, reports the BBC. The ship was touring the UK and Ireland with some 1100 passengers and staff when the illness broke out. The liner is currently being held at... More »

Hit Pirates With Somalia Blockade

Policing them where they hold their prey is more effective than ocean patrols

(Newser) - The Somali pirates terrorizing shipping lanes are clever, Peter Fromuth writes in the Washington Post, but their biggest advantages are those pirates have enjoyed throughout history: “big seas, many prey, and few protectors.” There are too many targets for warships to mount effective patrols on open waters. Instead,... More »

Russia Seizes Georgian Port, Detains Soldiers

(Newser) - Russian troops took control of the key Georgian port of Poti for about 4 hours today, just one day after it pledged to withdraw from the country, the Wall Street Journal reports. Some 70 Russian troops entered the Black Sea port this morning and detained 20 Georgian coast guard members... More »

Dockworkers Strike Against Iraq War

West Coast ports idle for May Day in run-up to union contract talks

(Newser) - In an action their union says is a protest against the war in Iraq, dockworkers from Washington to Southern California have taken May Day off, crippling West Coast port traffic, the Los Angeles Times reports. The International Longshore and Warehouse Union, whose contract is up in 2 months, was ordered... More »

Iraqis Go on Alert as Mammoth Badgers Stalk City

Locals blame British troops for badger invasion

(Newser) - Badgers have invaded Basra, Iraq, spurring fears of a man-eating monster on the loose in the port city. Despite Iraqi scientists' assurances that the creatures are not dangerous to humans, locals demonize the oversized carnivores and blame British troops for for unleashing them. The badgers "don't stalk humans and... More »

6 Stories