Glastonbury Abbey

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Monks Lied About King Arthur's Burial to Raise Cash

Supposed grave is really a pit of rubble

(Newser) - A team of 31 specialists led by an archaeologist at the University of Reading are shedding light on some supposed Dark Age legends in their four-year work at Glastonbury Abbey in the UK, reports the Guardian . To wit: "Those feet, immortalized in William Blake’s poem Jerusalem , never walked... More »

Abbey 'Sorry' for Nick Cage Sorcery Filming

Worshipers blast 'black magic' promo on sacred ground

(Newser) - Sorcery and abbeys apparently don't mix. Managers of Britain's 7th Century Glastonbury Abbey have apologized to an angry public for letting Nicolas Cage film an interview at the church to promote his movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Cage, who owns a home nearby, personally requested the site for an interview on... More »

2 Stories