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Your CEO Could Be an Actual Psychopath

An Aussie study finds 1 in 5 are, at least in one industry

(Newser) - What do prisoners and CEOs have in common? The answer isn't the punchline to a joke, but the finding of an Australian study out of Bond University that says about 20% of chief executives are psychopaths, the Telegraph reports. The results—presented Tuesday at the Australian Psychological Society Congress... More »

The 10 CEOs Most-Loved by Their Employees

Mark Zuckerberg, Tim Cook make the list

(Newser) - It's no easy task to get 99% of employees to like you, but that's exactly what three CEOs have done, according to a Glassdoor survey. The recruiting firm ranked the highest-rated CEOs of major firms based on more than 2 million employee reviews, reports the Wall Street Journal... More »

Ashley Madison Punked Public With Fake Female CEOs

The women were paid by the interview to be company spokesmodels

(Newser) - At least three women were hired by Ashley Madison parent company Avid Life Media to pose as the presidents and CEOs of sister sites and were paid per interview. So reports the Financial Post in an exclusive investigation into the "trove of Avid Life’s corporate emails" that were... More »

11 American Jobs That Pay Over $100K

IT and marketing managers make the list

(Newser) - Want to pull in $100,000 a year? According to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, just 38 US occupations offer that much, and only 11 of them are common enough to employ over 100,000 people, 24/7 Wall St reports. Among those, here are the top five:
  1. Family and General
... More »

SEC: Companies Must Reveal Pay Gap of CEOs, Workers

SEC puts new rule into motion

(Newser) - Those worried about income inequality will soon have some tangible new figures at their disposal: The SEC today ruled that public companies must start revealing the pay gap between the CEO and a typical worker, reports the Los Angeles Times . Specifically, companies have to disclose median employee compensation—the figure... More »

Harvard Business School Is Bad for America

Robert Reich: It keeps churning out CEOs who boost profits at expense of all else

(Newser) - Decades ago, American CEOs were more like "corporate statesmen," writes Robert Reich at Salon . They looked after their shareholders, of course, but they balanced those interests with those of their workers, their communities, and their nation. Today, not so much. They're more like "corporate butchers,"... More »

Top CEOs Scored 16% Pay Rise Last Year

Top salary of the year? $96.2M

(Newser) - So much for reining in CEO salaries. New research has found that the top 200 CEOs of public companies with at least $1 billion in revenue had an average pay package of $15.1 million last year—a pay-raise of approximately 16% from 2011, the New York Times reports. The... More »

Among Best-Liked CEOs, Only One Woman

Victoria Secret's Sharen Turney is it, and stereotypes might be to blame: Vivian Giang

(Newser) - A new survey that ranks how well CEOs are liked by their own employees has only one woman among its 50 names, notes Vivian Giang at Business Insider . Sharen Turney of Victoria's Secret is the only one to make it, and only then at No. 42. In trying to... More »

Employees Say the Top CEO in America Is ...

Mark Zuckerberg wins poll, tying with SAP's co-CEOs

(Newser) - Mark Zuckerberg may not be able to keep his investors happy , but those inside Facebook still love him. Zuckerberg just topped Glassdoor's latest list of the 50 highest-rated CEOs in the country, with a 99% approval rating from Facebook employees, reports PC Mag . Not surprisingly, Facebook employees also voted... More »

On Fiscal Cliff, Dems and GOP Closer Than They Look

But mortgage interest deduction might be a casualty

(Newser) - Depending on who you ask, the fiscal cliff confrontation in Washington is either a massive standoff, or a massive mirage. "It is not going to happen soon," John Barrasso, the Senate's fourth-ranking Republican said yesterday. But top officials tell Politico that behind the scenes John Boehner and... More »

How RIM Killed the BlackBerry

Co-CEOs, resistance to innovation hurt company

(Newser) - Research in Motion is announcing its earnings today, and they're "going to be terrible with a scoop of worse for August," an analyst tells CNET . How did things get so bad for the BlackBerry maker? It started at the top, the Wall Street Journal says in a... More »

CEOs Get Paid Big Bucks to Sit in Meetings, Eat Lunch

Study finds they spend a third of their time in meetings

(Newser) - It's no big secret that CEOs can make completely ridiculous amounts of money; what is less obvious to some is what they do that's so darn valuable. A group of London School of Economics and Harvard Business School scholars decided to dig into one aspect of CEOs' work... More »

Yahoo Hires PayPal Prez as CEO

Scott Thompson will slide into hole left by the fired Carol Bartz

(Newser) - Yahoo fired Carol Bartz over the phone —no word on whether it made the offer to its new CEO in the same manner. PayPal President Scott Thompson has been selected to take the reins of the troubled Internet company, which has been without a permanent CEO since Bartz was... More »

IBM Names First Female CEO

Global sales boss Virginia Rometty to take reins next year

(Newser) - IBM, long seen as a slow-moving boys’ club, has named its first female CEO. Global sales head Virginia Rometty will take over from Sam Palmisano in January, making IBM the highest-valued US corporation run by a woman, Reuters reports. Industry and Wall Street observers applauded the decision, which retains Palmisano... More »

Starbucks CEO to DC: No Donations for You!

Howard Schultz wants budget answers before opening his wallet

(Newser) - Maybe he should just refuse coffee to politicians. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is pleading to other corporate execs to stop contributing to political campaigns until the president and Congress come up with a realistic way to cut budget deficits, reports Politico . “This is a time for citizenship, not partisanship,... More »

Swallow This: Executive Pay Jumped 23% in 2010

The median pay was $10.8M

(Newser) - We know CEOs have it good ... but this good? The New York Times had executive pay data firm Equilar analyze bigwigs' 2010 compensation, and what Equilar found wasn't just a gain. It was a big, big gain: a 23% boost over 2009, with the median pay for chief executives... More »

Most Common CEO Names ...

Peter and Deborah, according to LinkedIn

(Newser) - LinkedIn pored over the names of members to come up with the most common in various categories, notes Mashable . The results:
  • Male CEOs (in order): Peter, Bob, Jack, Bruce, Fred
  • Female CEOs: Deborah, Sally, Debra, Cynthia, Carolyn
  • Athletes: Ryan, Matt, Jessica, Matthew, Jason
  • Sales: Chip, Todd, Trey
  • Engineering: Rajesh, Jeremy,
... More »

In 2010, Average CEO Pay Was...

...$9.6M, a 12% increase from 2009

(Newser) - Once again, it’s a good time to be a CEO in America. After shrinking during 2008 and 2009, executive pay is back on the rise, with many chief execs at major corporations making as much or more than they were before the recession hit. Last year, the median pay... More »

CEO Bonuses Shoot Up 30.5%

Some shareholders express disapproval

(Newser) - So far, it’s looking like 2010 was a banner year for CEOs. An analysis of disclosures released by 50 major corporations reveals that the median CEO bonus jumped 30.5%, the Wall Street Journal reports, significantly outpacing the companies’ 19.4% median net income growth. Some of the biggest... More »

We Need a Real Populist in Next Election

America's wealth gap has spiraled out of control: David Francis

(Newser) - With the gap between rich and poor Americans exploding—and hardly anyone talking about it—what Washington needs is a “genuine populist,” writes David R. Francis in the Christian Science Monitor . Some quick facts: The wealthiest 1% “took 23.5% of the nation’s income in 2007,... More »

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