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Belgium Is Worried Over 10 Hours of Video of a House

Footage was seized from Mohamed Bakkali after the Paris attacks

(Newser) - Footage found in the possession of a man arrested after the Paris terror attacks may point to a plot involving radioactive material. Authorities say a 10-hour surveillance video seized from Mohamed Bakkali on Nov. 30 shows the home of a senior Belgian nuclear official who has access to secure areas... More »

New Mexico Governor: Let's Skip the Fireworks

She makes plea with wildfire near Los Alamos lab

(Newser) - With a wildfire burning up her state and threatening the Los Alamos nuclear lab, Gov. Susana Martinez thinks this would be a terrific year to skip the Fourth of July fireworks. She doesn't have the authority to order a statewide ban, so she's merely making an appeal to... More »

Experts Fear Alarming Crack in Reactor Pool

Engineers may face unprecedented nuclear problem

(Newser) - The situation at Japan's stricken Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex may be even more dire than realized, according to American nuclear experts. Authorities at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission suspect that a crack or hole has developed in the floor or wall of a spent fuel pool at the complex, which will... More »

'Weapon Worm' Infects Iran Nuke Plant

But out-of-control malware is exacting 'collateral damage' in digital battle

(Newser) - What may be the world's first major "weapon worm" has already infected workers' personal computers at Iran's Bushehr nuclear facility just weeks before the power station is set to go online, officials have confirmed. Experts believe the damaging Stuxnet worm is the work of engineers so organized and well-funded... More »

4 Stories