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Couple That Just Moved to US Swept to Sea by Wave

Miaochan Chen and Wenjun Zhu's daughter is unharmed

(Newser) - A 10-year-old girl who moved to Oregon from China with her parents in July now finds herself an orphan following a freak accident along the coast. ABC News reports that Miaochan Chen, 49, and Wenjun Zhu, 41, had a picnic with their daughter on Sunday then walked to some rocks... More »

In the 'Most Under-Observed' Ocean, a Mammoth Wave

78-foot wave recorded Tuesday in Southern Ocean

(Newser) - The northern hemisphere still has it beat, but the southern hemisphere can now claim a new record when it comes to tallest wave. A solar-powered buoy placed near New Zealand's Campbell Island in the Southern Ocean on Tuesday recorded an eight-story wave that measured 78 feet in height, beating... More »

San Diego Surf Turns Electric Blue

Dinoflagellates have arrived in droves

(Newser) - Ocean waves north of San Diego look quite a bit bluer than usual this week. Beginning Monday, a 20-mile stretch of California coastline from Encinitas to La Jolla took on what CNN calls an "electric blue glow" as tiny bioluminescent creatures moved in. Despite sharing his own photos with... More »

He Planned His Proposal in the Bahamas. Then Came the Wave

19-year-old Jonathan Brussow tragically killed in freak accident on island of Eleuthera

(Newser) - "God brought Jonathan in with a storm and took him back in a storm." That's how the family of 19-year-old Jonathan Brussow describe his death earlier this month in the Bahamas, just after he'd asked the family of his girlfriend for permission to marry her. Athena... More »

2 Women Die While Digging for Clams Friday Night

Incidents happened along the southwestern Washington state coast

(Newser) - The two calls were placed to 911 in Pacific County, Wash., within a four-minute period on Friday night. First, at 8:57pm, a call from north of Ocean Park on the Long Beach Peninsula, where a 70-year-old woman who'd been digging for clams with her husband disappeared into the... More »

Mathematician Wants to Fight Tsunamis With Sound Waves

His novel approach focuses on reducing the wave's energy

(Newser) - Tsunamis are among the deadliest forces in nature. Look no further than the one in the Indian Ocean in 2004 that killed more than 230,000 people after being triggered by a powerful earthquake, notes a post at Phys.org . But what if tsunamis could be drained of their power... More »

Father, Son Missing After Being Hit by 'Sneaker Wave'

They were walking along the Oregon coast Sunday

(Newser) - Charity Woodrum was just an arm's length away when her husband and 3-year-old son were hit by a wave and carried out to sea Sunday on the Oregon Coast, the AP reports. They haven't been found. Officials tell the Statesman Journal the beach where the family was walking... More »

A Buoy Noticed a Wave in 2013 That Was 'Remarkable'

Others may have been taller, but this was recorded by the best tool we have

(Newser) - The world's "highest significant wave height as measured by a buoy" was 62.3 feet, located in the (very) high seas between the UK and Iceland, and occurred in 2013, the World Meteorological Organization has confirmed. The wave formed after a strong cold front passed through the remote... More »

Surfing Amazon's Giant Waves Is a Thing of Past

Man-made influences are being blamed

(Newser) - As the sun crosses the Equator during the fall and spring equinoxes in September and March, strong gravitational and lunar pulls trigger tidal bores around the world as the flow of nearby rivers reverses and the water grows turbulent. Along Brazil’s remote Araguari River in the Amazon, this created... More »

Whale-Watching Disaster Blamed on Freak Wave

Weather seemed calm, but rogue wave may have doomed Canada's Leviathan II

(Newser) - Canada's Transportation Safety Board thinks it knows how a whale-watching boat sank on Sunday, leaving five Brits dead and an Australian missing: a surprise wave, the Guardian reports. A survivor told one of the rescuers there was "this real big wave coming—bigger than the rest of the... More »

Man Posing for Photos Along Lake Michigan Drowns

Earl Helmuth, an Amish man, did not know how to swim

(Newser) - On Saturday night a 24-year-old Indiana man posed for photos alongside the woman he was due to marry; it was the last thing the two would do together. Earl Helmuth was swept off a lighthouse pier in Michigan City, Ind., by a wave thought to be at least 7 feet... More »

Epic Surf Wows California

Hurricane Marie's waves pound coast

(Newser) - Southern California is seeing the kind of epic surf usually associated with Hawaii or Tahiti. Beaches are thronged with wave riders, and crowds are coming to watch the action even as seaside communities try to stave off damage from the ocean onslaught. A third day of waves spawned by the... More »

25-Foot Waves May Hit California

But Hurricane Marie not expected to hit land

(Newser) - A massive hurricane is moving north from Mexico's coast, and while it's not expected to hit land in the US, Southern California can expect some huge and possibly dangerous waves starting today and peaking tomorrow, authorities say. Hurricane Marie is weakening slightly, but some surf spots could see... More »

Once-Frozen Arctic Sea Now Gets 16-Foot Waves

Which could further contribute to ice melt: study

(Newser) - Good news for Arctic surfers? The Beaufort Sea, part of the Arctic Ocean, was long covered in a perpetual layer of ice; not so anymore. Now, the area has seen waves 16 feet high thanks to warmer temperatures, scientists say in a new study, per National Geographic . The giant waves... More »

Freak Wave Kills Cruise Ship Passenger

85-year-old dies after wave hits vessel in English Channel

(Newser) - An 85-year-old man on a cruise ship in the English Channel was killed after what the ship's operator calls a "freak wave" smashed into the vessel, reports the BBC . Several others were injured, including a woman who was airlifted off the Marco Polo, operated by Cruise & Maritime... More »

Scientists Record 800-Foot Undersea Wave

Skyscraper-size waves can take an hour to break: study

(Newser) - Amazing, terrifying, or some combination of both? Scientists have recorded an 800-foot wave breaking at the bottom of the ocean for the first time, Nature World News reports. That's the size of a skyscraper, and these waves can take as long as an hour to break. University of Washington... More »

Massive Flooding Is the 'Worst Case Scenario'

Rain, high tides, giant waves could drench eastern seaboard

(Newser) - The projected storm surge from Hurricane Sandy is a "worst case scenario" with devastating waves and tides predicted for the highly populated New York City metro area, government forecasters said today. The more they look, the more the experts worry about the water—which usually kills and does more... More »

25-Foot Waves Pound Chicago

Propelled by winds of up to 60 miles per hour

(Newser) - If you live in Chicago, today is probably a bad day to go sailing. For the second straight day, Lake Michigan is being bombarded by winds gusting at up to 60mph, which are conjuring up waves up to 25 feet high. Wipeout conditions and some low-level flooding are expected along... More »

Chicagoans Ignore Gale-Force Winds

Some residents ignore barriers along Lake Shore Drive

(Newser) - High winds whipped up waves as big as 16 feet today and temporarily knocked out power for some 32,000 Chicagoans, the Chicago Tribune reports. Only 2,200 lacked power later on, but gale warnings are in effect until 10pm, and authorities have raised barricades along Lake Shore Drive to... More »

Giant Waves Pound California Coast

Swimmer missing; smugglers' boat crashes

(Newser) - A high surf advisory is in effect until 5pm along the central California coast, as the damaging impact of the huge waves pounding the area comes to light: A body-boarder has gone missing, and a marijuana-smuggling boat crashed on shore, likely a victim of the powerful surf, the AP reports.... More »

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