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United's New Flight: 18 Hours, Nonstop

Route from LA to Singapore would be world's longest nonstop from US

(Newser) - The appeal of the nonstop flight is a great one, and United Airlines has just come up with the most extreme one of all for travelers in the US: an 18-hour flight from Los Angeles to Singapore, Fortune reports. The 8,700-mile flight, set to begin in October, will take... More »

Delta Cancels More Flights as Woes Drag on

Airline offering travel vouchers to those affected

(Newser) - Delta's travails, and those of its customers, move into day two with the airline canceling nearly 250 flights, reports the AP . The cancellations Tuesday follow about 1,000 canceled flights Monday and almost 3,000 delayed flights after an outage at its Atlanta headquarters caused a global systems failure... More »

Fly to Cuba Starting Next Month for $99

JetBlue first domestic airline to offer commercial flights, with others soon to follow

(Newser) - For the first time in more than half a century, a domestic airline will be offering commercial flights to Cuba, and the price looks right. Consumerist reports that starting Aug. 31, JetBlue will be hosting three-times-a-week puddle-jumping jaunts from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to Abel Santamaria Airport in Santa Clara, about... More »

You'll Never See Someone Vaping on a US Flight

Well, unless said e-cigarette smoker wants to face a hefty fine

(Newser) - For all those thinking the federal ban on "smoking" tobacco on commercial flights doesn't apply to electronic cigarettes, here's your unequivocal answer from the Department of Transportation : Nope. The DOT on Wednesday officially banned vaping "in all forms, including but not limited to electronic cigars, pipes,... More »

New Rule: No E-Cigs in Checked Bags

FAA, DOT say they're a fire hazard

(Newser) - The DOT Monday announced what calls an "air safety twist": letting airline passengers carry their e-cigarettes into the cabin in their carry-on bags or on their person, but banning the devices in checked luggage. The agency's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, in conjunction with the... More »

Airline Plans to Offer $69 Flights to Europe

Norwegian Air wants to tap into lower fees at smaller US airports

(Newser) - It's hard to find a one-way ticket domestically for $69, but if the CEO of Norwegian Air has his way, a ticket for that much may soon be available between Europe and the US, NBC News reports. Bjorn Kjos' master plan is to connect flights from smaller coastal US... More »

Spirit Air Doesn't Care You Hate All Its Extra Fees

Because people are booking lots of flights with cheap fares

(Newser) - "No one goes to Chick-fil-A and complains they can't get a burger. And people shouldn't come to Spirit if they want lots of legroom." That quote's source? Spirit Airlines CEO Ben Baldanza speaking to the Wall Street Journal , explaining that yes, there've been lots... More »

Longest Flight You Can Take: 9.5K Miles, 19 Hours

But hurry, because it's set to be canceled

(Newser) - If, for some reason, you have a desire to take the longest commercial nonstop flight you possibly can, book a ticket on Singapore Airlines flight 21 or 22. It'll take you from Singapore to Newark, New Jersey, a distance of 9,500 miles, in 19 hours. It's the... More »

New Effect of Climate Change: Bumpy Flights

North Atlantic winds are getting worse, study says

(Newser) - Already annoyed by airplane turbulence and flashing seat-belt signs? Those bumpy rides will get significantly worse over the North Atlantic in years to come, according to a new study. A British research team has found that climate change will probably intensify North Atlantic winds that were already growing stronger. That... More »

Winter Storm Takes Aim at East Coast

Thousands of flights already canceled

(Newser) - The winter weather that ravaged much of the country yesterday is pummeling the East Coast, and thousands more flights have already been canceled, CNN reports. Parts of Pennsylvania have already been hit with up to a foot of snow, MSNBC notes, and central Maine could see more than two feet... More »

Midwest Blizzard Kills 7

1K flights canceled as storm begins to pass

(Newser) - Seven people died across four states as a winter storm continued to tear through the Midwest, dumping more than a foot of snow on sections of Iowa and Wisconsin. A 25-car pileup in Iowa killed two people, and nearly 100 accidents were reported in the state by late last night.... More »

129 Hurt in Hong Kong Typhoon

City sets highest warning level in 13 years

(Newser) - Amid vicious winds and rain, Hong Kong last night raised its highest-level typhoon warning for the first time in 13 years. Some 129 people were injured in the storm; no deaths have been reported. But 60 flights were cancelled, and much of the city closed as Typhoon Vicente knocked down... More »

Google Flight Search Shakes Up Travel Market

Online agencies accuse search firm of abusing its power

(Newser) - Online travel agents like Expedia and Orbitz complain that Google's new flight search tool is unfairly squeezing them out of business. Searches like "NY to LA" now produce a Google chart of airfares, with links directly to airlines, that appear above the results for middlemen. The travel sites... More »

Panetta Pays Coach Fare for $30K Flights Home

Defense secretary required to travel on military jets

(Newser) - Leon Panetta usually heads home to California for the weekend, and the defense chief is racking up huge costs in cross-country travel, reports the Washington Times . Panetta has made the journey 14 times since taking the post in July, and the Times says each round trip in a military jet... More »

Qantas Offers Free Tickets to Grounded Fliers

Offer will cost troubled airline $20M

(Newser) - You may be eligible for free tickets if last year's Qantas airline shutdown left you stranded, the BBC reports. Last November, Qantas grounded its entire fleet —and left travelers stuck in 22 cities—after a mid-air engine explosion forced an emergency landing in Singapore. Now the airline is... More »

Quickest Flight to Cuba Now From Key West

Feds approve flights, but restrictions remain

(Newser) - Americans can now legally hop a plane in Key West and skip over to Cuba: The US government has given the green light to Key West International Airport to run charter flights to the communist state 90 miles away, reports the Huffington Post . Restrictions do remain: Havana-bound flights are limited... More »

US Airways Raising Bag Fees

Domestic checked-bag fee increases by $5

(Newser) - US Airways is following the lead of its competitors and raising bag fees, reports the East Bay Business Times. On domestic flights, the first checked bag will cost $25 and the second will cost $30, a $5 bump for both. If the bags are checked at the airport instead of... More »

De-icer Shortage May Mean More Flight Delays

De-icer shortage could make things slippery for airports in storms

(Newser) - If your flight leaves late this winter, consider blaming Canada. A mineworkers' strike there has led to a shortage of a key chemical used to de-ice runways. Airports plan to use other chemicals instead, but that will take a toll on both budgets and the environment, reports USA Today. More »

Flight Delays Decline Ahead of Holidays

Feds' new rules, fewer planes in air keep travelers moving

(Newser) - While flights will be packed during the Thanksgiving travel week, travelers can at least look forward to fewer delays, USA Today reports. Delays have plummeted this fall amid troubled airlines’ reduced flight schedules and government measures to reduce New York air traffic. In early September, flights were over 15 minutes... More »

Airlines Trim Holiday Flights, Cut Off-Peak Bargains

US Airways will fly 40% fewer flights this Thanksgiving

(Newser) - As airlines struggle to stay competitive, scheduling changes mean that consumers will see fewer planes and higher fares, the Wall Street Journal reports. In the coming Thanksgiving season, US Airways is flying 40% fewer flights than a year ago. Delta and United have both reduced Thanksgiving flights by more than... More »

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