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UAE Wants to Build a Mountain to Control the Weather

Experts say it would be a mountainous waste of money

(Newser) - Even with a major downturn in the oil business, the United Arab Emirates still has enough money to look at a few modest construction projects—including building a mountain in the desert. The Gulf nation, which is desperately short of rain, has paid $400,000 to the Colorado-based University Corporation... More »

CIA Studying How to Control the World's Climate

Backs $630K geoengineering study

(Newser) - Get those tin foil hats out: The CIA is backing half of a $630,000 study into whether scientists can fight climate change via geoengineering. The 21-month project by the National Academy of Sciences will be a "technical evaluation of a limited number of proposed geoengineering techniques," says... More »

Rogue Bizman Dumps 100 Tons of Iron Into Sea in 'Experiment'

Canada probing possible treaty violations

(Newser) - A California businessman dumped 100 tons of iron sulphate dust into the Pacific Ocean as part of a rogue "experiment" that has infuriated scientists and government officials. The operation launched by Russ George, 62, spewed the dust off western Canada in exchange for $2.5 million from a native... More »

Team Plots 'Fake Volcano' to Cool Planet

Giant hose will pump particles into stratosphere

(Newser) - Volcanic eruptions cool the planet by injecting particles into the stratosphere that reflect the sun's rays, so could an artificial volcano counter global warming? A British scientific team is aiming to find out in what may be the biggest geo-engineering experiment ever conducted, the Guardian reports. The team plans... More »

Burning Coal Slowed Climate Change: Study

Sulfur pollution masked effect of CO2 emissions

(Newser) - The vast amounts of coal China burned during the 2000s may have actually slowed down climate change, according to a new study. Researchers believe the sulfur pollution caused by burning coal deflected the sun's rays, causing a temporary plateau in warming, the AP reports. But while sulfur drops out... More »

DC's New Climate Plan: Playing God With Weather

'Geoengineering' a hot topic these days

(Newser) - Utter the word "geoengineering" in Washington, and you used to get a few smirks. The idea of toying with the weather through seemingly crazy schemes like deflecting sunlight away from Earth or sucking carbon dioxide from the air seemed a little bananas. But with climate legislation on the back... More »

6 Stories