Elk Cloner

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Prankster's 1st Computer Virus Turns 25

'Dumb little practical joke' led to $38 billion security industry

(Newser) - A prankster who wrote the first computer virus 25 years ago says only, “It was some dumb little practical joke.” Yet Richard Skrenta’s desire to infiltrate other Apple II’s with a poem (“It will get on all your disks; it will infiltrate your chips”)... More »

The Computer Virus Turns 25

(Newser) - A long time ago (1982), in a galaxy not so far, far away, Rich Skrenta, then a clever 9th grader, invented what may have been the first computer virus—Elk Cloner. It was, by current standards, a benign virus that Skrenta installed on his school computer, so that every time... More »

2 Stories