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Trump Bans 'Dishonest' Washington Post

'Phony' paper has press credentials revoked

(Newser) - Donald Trump has decided that the Washington Post—winner of 47 Pulitzer prizes, including one for its role in exposing the Watergate scandal—isn't the kind of newspaper he wants covering his campaign. He announced on Facebook Monday that he's revoking the "phony and dishonest" paper's... More »

Gawker Just Got Its Own Billionaire Backer in Hulk Hogan Trial

Hogan vs. Gawker is essentially now PayPal vs. eBay

(Newser) - Hulk Hogan's ongoing lawsuit against Gawker is starting to look a lot like a game of Rock'em Sock'em Robots with two tech billionaires at the controls. On Thursday, PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel admitted to secretly funding Hogan's lawsuit to the tune of $10 million. Reuters reports... More »

Mass-Media Prof Asks for 'Muscle' to Remove Journo

Mizzou activists mob photographer, cameraman, tell them to leave 'safe space'

(Newser) - A University of Missouri photojournalist on freelance assignment for ESPN found himself in a confrontation with student activists Monday as they tried to ban him from the tent city they'd set up on campus in response to recent racial strife there, the New York Times reports. A tense video... More »

America's Press Freedom Ranking: 46th

We drop 13 spots thanks to Manning, Snowden

(Newser) - Reporters Without Borders has released its annual World Press Freedom Index , and the US suffered "one of the most significant declines" in 2013, the group says. Thanks to the conviction of WikiLeaks leaker Chelsea Manning and the pursuit of NSA leaker Edward Snowden, among other things, the US dropped... More »

Russia Kicks Out First US Journalist Since Cold War

No explanation offered for expulsion

(Newser) - Looks like the Kremlin thaw that saw the release of Pussy Riot members may have been short-lived: Radio Free Europe's David Satter has become the first American journalist to be kicked out of Russia since Newsweek bureau chief Andrei Nagorski got the boot in 1982, reports the Guardian . Satter... More »

UK Made Guardian Destroy Hard Drives: Editor

Wanted to stop Snowden reporting, Alan Rusbridger says

(Newser) - The UK's interference with the Guardian's Snowden reporting apparently goes deeper than just the detention of Glenn Greenwald's partner . In a new opinion piece in the Guardian , editor Alan Rusbridger says that over the course of the past two months, the British government repeatedly demanded "the... More »

Times Reporter Ordered to Testify in Leaks Case

James Risen expected to appeal in case with free-press implications

(Newser) - A reporter for the New York Times has been ordered by an appeals court in Virginia to testify against the man accused of slipping him classified CIA secrets, reports USA Today . James Risen has previously promised to appeal all the way up to the Supreme Court if necessary and to... More »

NYT, AP Boycott Holder's Off-Record Media Powwow

Meeting 'isn't appropriate' as outlets 'aggressively covering' scandal

(Newser) - Eric Holder just wants to talk to reporters, without worrying about any pesky reporting. The attorney general has called an off-the-record meeting with the Washington bureau chiefs of several major media outlets to discuss the Justice Department's handling of leak investigations , but two of the most major—the AP... More »

Holder Backed Fox News Probe

Attorney general signed off on controversial search warrant

(Newser) - Eric Holder has deftly sidestepped accountability for the Justice Department's spying on the AP by saying he recused himself from the case , but he can't pull the same trick in the Fox News case . The attorney general personally signed off on the search warrant targeting Fox reporter James... More »

Gov't Spied On Fox Journalist, Too

Examined James Rosen's emails, phone records

(Newser) - Of all the news organizations the government could spy on, it chose to tangle with ... Fox News. And this one goes further than the AP . The Justice Department examined Fox News reporter James Rosen's personal emails, phone records, and visits to the State Department, the Washington Post reports. The... More »

Obama: 'No Apologies' for Investigation of Reporters

He also expresses 'complete confidence' in Eric Holder

(Newser) - President Obama used a joint news conference today with the Turkish prime minister to try to defuse the recent White House scandals . Some highlights:
  • AP phone records: He said he would make "no apologies" for the Justice Department's subpoena of reporters' phone records because finding the source of
... More »

Media Finally Gets It: Obama Is a Joke on Civil Liberties

Glenn Greenwald: Sad that it took a direct attack on the media to wake it up

(Newser) - Look around today, and it's easy to find a news story or column criticizing President Obama and his Justice Department for going after reporters' phone records. (Like these in the Washington Post , Politico , and the New York Times .) To which Glenn Greenwald at the Guardian can only say,... More »

Journalists Blast 'Chilling' Seizure of AP's Records

From Fox to Daily Kos, they're furious

(Newser) - News that the government seized two months of phone records from the Associated Press has drawn blistering criticism of the White House from a wide variety of news organizations, Politico reports. Fox's Greta Van Susteren says the Justice Department's action "sounds like a dragnet to intimidate the... More »

Gov't Seized AP Reporters' Phone Records

AP calls it an 'unprecedented intrusion'

(Newser) - The government secretly seized two months of phone records from the Associated Press, according to the AP itself. The Justice Department took records for 20 separate phone lines, including incoming and outgoing calls, the length of each call, and reporters' personal phone numbers. "These records potentially reveal communications with... More »

Hawaii Senate Passes 'Steven Tyler Act'

Bill allows lawsuits over press invasion of privacy

(Newser) - When Steven Tyler speaks, lawmakers in Hawaii listen. The state Senate has passed an anti-paparazzi billed dubbed the "Steven Tyler Act" after the Aerosmith frontman kicked up a stink about unauthorized photos of him and his girlfriend taken inside his Maui home by a paparazzo with a telephoto lens,... More »

Burma's Thaw Now Extends to Media

Journalists can criticize gov't, but still many limits

(Newser) - The political thawing of tropical Burma seems to be continuing, as the second-least-free country in the world for journalism (after North Korea) has begun to relax its tight controls over the media. As the Wall Street Journal reports, pictures of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi have appeared in newspapers... More »

Wikipedia Italy Shuts to Protest Press Curbs

'Idiotic' law would require websites to publish corrections after any complaint

(Newser) - Wikipedia shut down its Italian-language version for two days this week to protest a law widely seen as an attempt to spare Silvio Berlusconi embarrassment by muzzling the press and online criticism. The law, currently being debated in Italy's parliament, would require websites to publish a correction within 48... More »

Times, Guardian Vow to Back Assange in Court

If he's ever prosecuted for his WikiLeaking ways

(Newser) - If the US ever tries to prosecute Julian Assange for his various information leaks, the editors of the Guardian and the New York Times say they’d have his back. “If, God forbid, ever this came to court, I would be completely side-by-side with him,” said Guardian editor... More »

Egypt Cracks Down on Foreign Journalists

Two 'New York Times' reporters briefly detained

(Newser) - Egyptian authorities launched a systematic crackdown on the press today, rounding up journalists and sending armed gangs through the streets to attack anyone with camera equipment. Two New York Times journalists were detained overnight, and then released this morning, the paper reports . In addition to the gangs, the government has... More »

Alaska Editor Handcuffed by Joe Miller's Guards

Tea party candidate's security cuffs journo for 'trespassing' at town hall event

(Newser) - An Alaska editor was "arrested" and handcuffed by bodyguards of Tea Party Senate candidate Joe Miller as the journalist attempted to ask Miller questions following a public event. Tony Hopfinger of the Alaska Dispatch was cuffed and held by the guards in the hallway of a public middle school... More »

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