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Kasich: I'm in a 'Struggle for the Soul' of the GOP

And if Ohio governor can't find it, he hints he may leave the party

(Newser) - John Kasich revealed over the weekend he's been doing some soul-searching, but it's not his own soul he's scrutinizing. The Ohio governor chatted with Jake Tapper Sunday morning on CNN's State of the Union, and he had harsh words for both major political parties. He admitted... More »

New Rumor for 2020 Ticket: 1 Democrat, 1 Republican

Govs. Kasich and Hickenlooper fuel talk of an independent ticket

(Newser) - And suddenly, there's a hot rumor about a presidential ticket for 2020—featuring a Democrat and a Republican, no less. The potential pairing is GOP Gov. John Kasich of Ohio and Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado, reports Mike Allen at Axios . The two (nicknamed "the Johns")... More »

Ohio Websites Hacked With Pro-ISIS Message

Governor's website played call to prayer

(Newser) - Ohio Gov. John Kasich does not love the Islamic State and does not intend to hold President Trump accountable "for every drop of blood flowing in Muslim countries," but that's the message that greeted visitors to his website Sunday. The Republican governor's website was among numerous... More »

Ohio's Abortion 'Heartbeat Bill' Now on John Kasich's Desk

Bill would ban abortions after fetal heartbeat is detected if governor signs it

(Newser) - Gov. John Kasich has a new bill on his desk, and if he signs it, Ohio will have the toughest abortion laws in the US, USA Today reports. The "heartbeat bill," which bans abortions after a fetal heartbeat is found (sometimes as early as six weeks ), doesn'... More »

John Kasich Has Voted, and It Wasn't for Trump

Ariz. Sen. John McCain got the Ohio governor's write-in vote

(Newser) - John Kasich took some time out from rooting for the Cleveland Indians in the World Series to cast his vote Monday in the presidential election, and he kept a promise he had made some time ago: "Stop Trump." The Republican governor of Ohio, who says voted... More »

Kasich Slams RNC's Priebus as a Podunk Political Hack

After Priebus warned Kasich, others to 'get on board' with Trump

(Newser) - Over the weekend, Republican National Committee chief Reince Priebus warned Donald Trump's former rivals in the primaries that they should endorse Trump or risk retribution from the party if they ever run for office again. Well, one of those former rivals isn't having it. On official campaign letterhead,... More »

Judge Blocks Ohio Anti-Abortion Law

Law would have defunded Planned Parenthood

(Newser) - An Ohio anti-abortion law signed by Gov. John Kasich during his presidential bid is unconstitutional and will do "irreparable injury" to Planned Parenthood and its patients, a federal judge ruled Friday The law effectively defunded Planned Parenthood by banning funds from the state's health department from going to... More »

Kasich: Yeah, VP Rumor Is True

Confirms that Donald Trump Jr. called an aide to make the offer

(Newser) - John Kasich still isn't endorsing Donald Trump for president, but he's confirming one of the more delicious rumors of the veepstakes that ended with Mike Pence in the No. 2 slot on the ticket: That Donald Trump Jr. called an aide to the Ohio governor to offer him... More »

Trump Reportedly Offered Kasich a Very Odd Deal

Don Jr. promised Kasich could basically run the country as VP: 'NYT'

(Newser) - Wednesday night is the night that America meets GOP VP nominee Mike Pence , but per a senior adviser to John Kasich who spoke anonymously to the New York Times , the process by which he was chosen sounds like it could have been a little wonky—and may even have involved... More »

Kasich Campaign: 'It's Up to Us to Stop Trump'

Ohio governor isn't going anywhere, aides say

(Newser) - Back when there were almost 20 GOP candidates, including the likes of Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Chris Christie, not many people would have bet on the herd being thinned down to just Donald Trump and John Kasich. But that is where the race stands after Trump's big win... More »

Poll: Cruz's Plan to Stop Trump Backfires Big Time

Indiana voters aren't pleased with divide-and-conquer scheme

(Newser) - The tables have turned for Sen. Ted Cruz in Indiana ahead of Tuesday's primary vote, though not in the direction he was hoping. On Saturday night, the Indianapolis Star reported that the Texas senator had a healthy 16-point lead over Trump in voter support (44.8% to 29%, per... More »

Indiana Now Make-or-Break for Trump Foes

State could be Cruz's last stand

(Newser) - Despite what Donald Trump says , the GOP race isn't over, but his foes are running out of time. After Trump's five big wins on Tuesday night, all eyes—except possibly those of John Kasich —are on Indiana, which votes next Tuesday. With 54 delegates at stake, awarded... More »

Trump Sweeps All 5 States

Frontrunner dominates Tuesday's races

(Newser) - Donald Trump is having a big night, as expected. Five states voted Tuesday, and CNN called Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania for Trump as soon as the polls closed at 8 Eastern—and then Rhode Island and Delaware about 30 minutes later. The only real suspense will be how the delegate... More »

Cruz-Kasich Pact Already Looks Shaky

Trump expected to sweep all 5 states voting Tuesday

(Newser) - That was fast: The deal Ted Cruz and John Kasich forged on Sunday to stop Donald Trump winning already looks shaky, with confusion over whether Kasich's supporters should vote for him or not next week. Trump, meanwhile, is poised to win all five Eastern states—Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode... More »

Trump: Kasich Is a 'Disgusting' Eater

He finds fresh line of attack after Cruz-Kasich pact

(Newser) - John Kasich isn't shy about chowing down on the campaign trail, and this fact has not passed Donald Trump by. Trump, on the attack after Kasich and Ted Cruz teamed up against him , is denouncing Kasich as a messy eater, ABC News reports. "I have never seen a... More »

Cruz, Kasich Agree on Plan to Stop Trump

They're divvying up later primaries

(Newser) - Ted Cruz and John Kasich have decided, somewhat late in the game, that the combined might of their campaigns is the only thing that can stop Donald Trump from winning the GOP nomination. With Trump poised to win all five Eastern states voting in Tuesday's "Acela primary,"... More »

Charles Koch: Hillary Might Not Be So Bad

The remaining GOP candidates aren't inspiring billionaire to pull out his checkbook

(Newser) - Charles Koch is currently sitting on his checkbook, and he tells ABC News that he's not exactly inclined to start scribbling checks—either in support of, or to undermine—the remaining Republican presidential candidates. The billionaire calls Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich "terrible role models,"... More »

Trump: Kasich Is 'Taking My Votes'

It's 'unfair' that Ohio governor is allowed to stay in race

(Newser) - By obstinately staying in the Republican race, John Kasich is "taking" votes that rightfully belong to Donald Trump, according to Donald Trump. In Milwaukee on Sunday, Trump told reporters that the Ohio governor shouldn't be allowed to stay in a race that is impossible for him to win,... More »

Kasich: We'll Have 'an Open Convention, Take a Chill Pill'

And Donald Trump's talk of riots not 'appropriate'

(Newser) - It's the first day of spring, but John Kasich is settling in for a long, likely hot and bothered summer and the Republican convention that descends on his home turf in July. "Everybody has got to face the fact that we're going to an open, multi-ballot convention,... More »

What Kasich's Ohio Win Means

Chances of nomination are remote but real

(Newser) - In a result not many people saw coming when there were 16 GOP candidates crowding the field, John Kasich is among the last three standing after a double-digit win over Donald Trump in Ohio. But is his first win too little, too late for the governor, who called himself "... More »

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