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Shutdown Averted, but DC's Antics Are Getting Absurd

...and costly: Ezra Klein

(Newser) - The government shutdown has been averted , but don't expect Ezra Klein to break out the confetti. This week's shutdown threat was the third we've faced this year, and the "most absurd yet." Congress has gone from battling over sizable figures (a deal struck earlier this... More »

Tea Party to Old-Line GOP: Let the Battle Begin

Upstarts face 'club' in battle over big government

(Newser) - Tea Party candidates may have rattled the Democrats, but it's the old-line Republicans who could be in for a shellacking now. The upstarts heading to DC are already eying targets painted on the backs of GOP legislators out of step with their small government policies—such as Utah's Orrin Hatch... More »

2 Stories