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Destruction of Syria's Chemical Weapons Begins

Inspectors have 9 months to destroy 1K tons

(Newser) - And it's on: Disarmament experts have begun the massive undertaking that is dismantling and destroying Syria's estimated 1,000-ton stockpile of chemical weapons. The UN-endorsed inspectors have only nine months to get rid of the entire arsenal—the tightest deadlines the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons... More »

Can Syria Really Wipe Out Chemical Weapons in a Year?

After all, US has spent decades on the process

(Newser) - The US has spent decades ridding itself of a chemical weapons stash that dates back to 1917, using all sorts of methods to achieve disarmament—yet the plan for Syria calls for wiping out its chemical weapons by next year. What's more, Syria's got to take action amid... More »

'Fatuous' Obama Does US No Favors: Krauthammer

Big talk yields little help from European allies

(Newser) - President Obama is out in the world, "acting the philosopher-king who hovers above the fray" and badmouthing past American actions, and to what end? Charles Krauthammer, writing in the New York Times, doesn't see any satisfactory answers. "I'm not against gift-giving in international relations," he writes. "... More »

North Korea Threatens to Sever Ties With South

Calls South Korean government 'traitors'

(Newser) - North Korea is threatening to sever ties with South Korea in a war of words that has plunged relations between the partitioned neighbors to a new low, Reuters reports. North Korean officials are upset about hardline policies of South Korea's conservative government.  "If the traitors keep to the... More »

Putin Suspends Arms Pact

Moscow's move over anti-missle flap further imperils relations with US

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin suspended the Kremlin’s recognition of a key arms control treaty today, citing the threat to Russian security posed by US plans for a missile defense system in Eastern Europe. The 1990 pact limited the number of offensive weapons that could be deployed in Europe, the BBC explains;... More »

North Korea Cools Talks With Demands for Frozen Funds

(Newser) - Talk on North Korean disarmament stalled yesterday when Pyongyang refused to move forward until it receives $25 million that had been trapped in frozen accounts in Macau since February. Frustrated delegates to the six-party talks postured in return, warned that time is running out, while the U.S. said the... More »

6 Stories