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Only in Hawaii: Stores Forced to Increase Spam Security

Thieves are making off with cases of the canned meat

(Newser) - It's no secret that Hawaii can't get enough Spam—the Washington Post reports Hawaii residents eat five million tons of the canned meat every year—but this is ridiculous. After a series of brazen Spam heists, the Honolulu Civil Beat found Spam at a Walmart in Kalihi under... More »

Happy 80th Birthday to (the Original) Spam

Still going strong, the mottled meat debuted in 1937

(Newser) - American soldiers gobbled up more than 100 million pounds of it during WWII, and a tableful of Monty Python Vikings sang its praises. Although its origins are humble and its nutritional content dubious, Spam is going strong on its 80th birthday. More than 8 billion cans of the pink loaf... More »

Get Over It, Foodies: Spam Is Delicious

Anna Weaver on why we should all embrace the canned meat

(Newser) - It's time for foodies to stop turning their noses up at Spam, declares Anna Weaver in Slate . She offers up myriad reasons the canned meat deserves a spot at even the fanciest tables:
  • It tastes good. In particular, it's more appetizing than that classic American favorite, the hot
... More »

Life on a Stranded Cruise Ship

Spam, Pop-Tarts, and blackjack are standard fare

(Newser) - While tugboats pull a stranded cruise ship to San Diego, its 4,500 passengers are safe, the Wall Street Journal reports—but their experience has been a bit less posh than expected. Here's what their cruise home consists of:
  • They may not get to eat lobster tails, but there’s
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4 Stories