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Many Experience 'Death Rattle' Before They Die

Or 2 other symptoms that appear to precede death, neurology resident says

(Newser) - The disease or malady or stroke of misfortune that will ultimately kill you is likely different from the one that will kill me. But our final hours will likely be quite similar, or so says Dr. Sara Manning Peskin in a piece for the New York Times . Peskin, a neurology... More »

2 Days After Death, Some Life Continues in Body

Active genes may be attempting to repair damage: study

(Newser) - Death is more like the slow shutdown of a computer than the flipping off of a light switch, says a scientist, explaining a new study that shows genes in the body remain alive for about two days after the heart stops. In the study of mice and zebrafish, University of... More »

New Service Will Send Email From Beyond the Grave

'Yahoo Ending' will delete documents, deactivate accounts, more

(Newser) - With a quarter of Japan's population already 65 and older, a new service from Yahoo Japan called Yahoo Ending aims to help people plan for their own afterlives, including the digital details. For $1.80 a month, subscribers can plan their funerals, manage their posthumous online content, and create... More »

Dying Dad Writes 800 Notes for Daughter's Lunch

Virginia man has cancer, but wants to fulfill a promise

(Newser) - Garth Callaghan has been leaving inspirational notes with his daughter's lunch since her days in kindergarten—but now that he's dying of cancer, they both know that one day the notes will have to stop. So he's writing hundreds of them ahead of time to fulfill his... More »

Italian Village Outlaws Death

No going six feet under in Falciano del Massico

(Newser) - The Italian village of Falciano del Massico isn't just cheating death—it's banned it altogether. Since the beginning of March, the town's 3,700 residents simply haven't been allowed to expire. The AP calls it a "tongue-in-cheek decree," noting that the odd declaration stems... More »

Top 5 Dying Regrets

No 1: I wasn't true to myself

(Newser) - What are the most common regrets of people on their death beds? An Australian palliative nurse named Bronnie Ware, who spent years tending to patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives, compiled a top-five list in book form . Here's a peek, from the Guardian : More »

What to Do When a Loved One Is Ready to Die

Listen, say experts. And prepare to be sad

(Newser) - When Zoe FitzGerald Carter's mother told her she wanted to end her life, her first reaction "was to try to dissuade her." A year later, an intentional overdose of morphine granted her mother, who had suffered from advanced Parkinson's disease, her wish. It left Carter asking an endless... More »

7 Stories