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Facebook Is Breaking Up; Let's Break Up With It

Ashley Feinberg explains how to piece together a replacement

(Newser) - When it opened to the public, Facebook seemed like it really could be the ultimate social network. "But then it kept growing," complains Ashley Feinberg at Gizmodo . As it stapled on features—most ill-conceived—"Facebook eventually grew too big for its own, and more importantly our, good.... More »

Top Apps Download Your Whole Address Book

Twitter, Path blamed in privacy controversy

(Newser) - Leading smartphone apps are taking a lot more of our information than we realize. If you use Twitter's "Find Friends" feature, the company receives every phone number and email address in your address book—a fact that Twitter hadn't clarified, the Los Angeles Times reports. The company... More »

New Social Network Limits Friends to 50

Founders believe people will share even more

(Newser) - If you were moved by Jimmy Kimmel's recent push for a National Unfriend Day , you should be glad to hear this news: New social network Path launches today, and it limits you to your nearest and dearest 50 friends. Path's limit is in keeping with the work of evolutionary anthropologist... More »

3 Stories