St Kitts

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50 Cent Busted for Dropping F-Bomb

Turns out St. Kitts doesn't like pottymouths

(Newser) - 50 Cent has managed to find a new brand of legal trouble, this one related to his pottymouth: It seems that Fiddy, real name Curtis Jackson, was performing Saturday at the St. Kitts Music Festival, when he dropped a "motherf---in'" as he performed "P.I.M.P.... More »

17 Cruise Passengers Robbed at Gunpoint

Masked gunmen halt bus in St. Kitts

(Newser) - A Miami-based cruise line has canceled shore excursions in St. Kitts indefinitely after a busload of passengers was robbed at gunpoint on the Caribbean island. Masked gunmen dragged a tree across a road to force the bus to stop, ABC News reports. None of the 17 passengers was injured, but... More »

2 Stories