17th Amendment

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Georgia Reps: Time to Revoke 17th Amendment

Scrap the direct election of senators, they say

(Newser) - GOP state representatives in Georgia say it's time to end direct elections of national senators, the Douglas County Sentinel reports. Instead, state assemblies should pick senators, as it was before the 17th amendment, says Kevin Cooke, a sponsor of a bill calling on Congress to take action. "This... More »

Let Americans Keep Electing Their Senators

Essay: Campaign to repeal 17th Amendment is misguided

(Newser) - The 17th Amendment allows Americans to choose their senators directly, rather than have them picked by state legislatures—and some Tea Partiers and a particular jurist named Antonin Scalia want it gone. (He says states' rights have been on the decline since it became law in 1913.) Bad idea,... More »

2 Stories