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Opioid Addicts Getting High on Diarrhea Meds—Fatally

'As dumb and dangerous as it sounds'

(Newser) - In yet another sign that the US is facing a mounting opioid epidemic, people are trying to get high, or at least temper their opiate withdrawals, off an anti-diarrhea drug commonly sold under the brand name Imodium, reports NPR . In the journal Annals of Emergency Medicine , researchers note an uptick... More »

Runners and Potheads Have Similar Highs

The euphoric feeling is linked to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors

(Newser) - It's known that a runner's high isn't actually the result of endorphins, which are too large to cross the blood-brain barrier, but scientists have long sought the elusive cause of the much-talked-about sense of euphoria and calm that can accompany the end of a workout. Now researchers... More »

Senator Seeks Ban on 'Bath Salt' Drugs

Schumer wants feds to outlaw mephedrone, MPDV

(Newser) - New York's Sen. Chuck Schumer is seeking a nationwide ban on a pair of recreational drugs being sold as "bath salts ." The Democrat plans to introduce a bill that would outlaw the drugs mephedrone and MPDV, Reuters reports. The substances, already banned in the European Union and three... More »

DEA Banning Legal Highs

'Fake pot' to be outlawed nationwide

(Newser) - "Legal highs" with marijuana-like effects aren't going to be legal for much longer. The Drug Enforcement Agency has launched an emergency action to outlaw chemicals used to make synthetic marijuana, which is sold online and in head shops, WebMD reports. The "fake pot" is sold under brand names... More »

4 Stories