Felisa Wolfe-Simon

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Scientists Blast NASA's Arsenic-Based Life Paper

Researchers refuse to respond directly to criticism

(Newser) - Scientists are coming out of the woodwork to deride NASA’s finding of arsenic-based life as flim-flam. “I was outraged at how bad the science was,” one microbiology professor tells Slate , and she wasn’t alone; Slate tracked down dozens of experts to ask their opinion of the... More »

Girls, Meet Your New Role Model

Felisa Wolfe-Simon is the young scientist behind the 'new life' discovery

(Newser) - Jezebel has a girl crush, and it's a good one. Meet Felisa Wolfe-Simon, the lead scientist behind the whiz-bang discovery about potential new life forms . Though only in her early 30s by "standard graduation-year math," she is already "insanely accomplished by anyone's standards," writes Irin... More »

2 Stories