Blue Valentine

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Most Critics Sweet on Devastating Blue Valentine

Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams wow, but not everyone's convinced

(Newser) - Some critics are raving over Blue Valentine, a harrowing tale in which Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a couple ripping apart at the seams. But not everyone is impressed with the film (whose infamous oral sex scene has gotten plenty of press).
  • “This wrenching story of a marriage
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Michelle Williams 'Proud' of Oral Sex Scene

Original NC-17 rating felt like a 'slap'

(Newser) - Michelle Williams is pretty pleased with the oral sex scene that originally earned her film Blue Valentine an NC-17 rating . "I thought, 'I've never seen that before in a movie and I'm proud to be the first. Good on us for making that happen,’” she tells Reuters... More »

Similar Sex Scenes Earn Different Ratings

MPAA under fire again after lesbian encounter gets tamer 'R'

(Newser) - Hollywood's rating system is coming under fire again after two Oscar contenders, Black Swan and Blue Valentine, received R and NC-17 ratings, respectively. Debate is raging because both films depict oral sex scenes in essentially the same way, for the same time and with no nudity, reports the Los Angeles ... More »

3 Stories