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CEO: Pfizer Leaving US Is Good for ... US

Freed-up cash from tax savings could be reinvested back into US: Ian Read

(Newser) - It may seem antithetical that the largest US drugmaker taking off for Ireland would actually prove beneficial to the US, but that's exactly what the CEO of Pfizer is saying after Monday's announcement of its estimated $160 billion "inversion" deal with Allergan, creating the world's biggest... More »

Pfizer CEO Jeffrey Kindler Replaced in Surprise Move

Unexpected move likely ouster: analysts

(Newser) - Pfizer abruptly replaced its CEO and chairman yesterday, saying Jeffrey B. Kindler was retiring after 4.5 years leading the world's biggest drugmaker to "recharge." Analysts saw the unexpected departure as an ouster, however, coming amid repeated failures from Pfizer's labs to produce new, much-needed blockbuster drugs, multiple... More »

2 Stories