Operation Payback

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Amazon Denies Hackers Behind Outages

Company's European sites taken offline for 30 minutes yesterday

(Newser) - Amazon says hardware problems, not attacks from pro-WikiLeaks hackers , caused its European sites to shut down on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. The company's British, French, German, Austrian, and Italian sites were down for about half an hour last night, the BBC reports. The "hacktivist"... More »

UN Rights Chief to World: Play Nice With WikiLeaks

She raises alarm over moves to cut off funding, starve it of server space

(Newser) - Hackers aren't the only ones not happy about companies deciding to stop doing business with WikiLeaks. The United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights said yesterday that attempts to cut off WikiLeaks' funding and deprive it of server space "could be interpreted as an attempt to censure the... More »

Dutch Police Nab 16-Year-Old in Hacking Attacks

He's accused of taking part in the WikiLeaks revenge campaign

(Newser) - The first suspected hacker arrested in the coordinated cyberattacks on MasterCard and Visa is 16 years old. Dutch police say the teen has admitted taking part in so-called Operation Payback, in which hackers worldwide wreaked havoc on the websites of perceived enemies of WikiLeaks. Sarah Palin's website and PayPal also... More »

Facebook, Twitter Locked in WikiLeaks War

'Operation Payback' accounts suspended

(Newser) - Facebook and Twitter have found themselves stuck in the middle of a furious online battle that shows no sign of stopping any time soon. The social media sites have blocked accounts belonging to a group waging cyber-war on firms that have stopped doing business with WikiLeaks — but the move... More »

4 Stories