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Swiss Consider Legalizing Incest

Not a bad idea, says Columbia prof's lawyer

(Newser) - The Swiss parliament has drafted a law that would allow parents to have sex with their children or siblings to have sex with each other, provided everybody involved is a consenting adult. "First-degree" incest is already legal in countries including France and Russia, but the Swiss measure hasn't won... More »

Columbia Professor Charged With Incest

David Epstein accused of having 3-year relationship with adult daughter

(Newser) - A well-known Columbia University professor has been charged with having an incestuous relationship with his daughter. Court papers allege that political science professor David Epstein had an apparently consensual 3-year relationship with the woman, who was over 18 when it began, the Columbia Spectator reports. Epstein, who's married to a... More »

2 Stories