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Cory Booker Tests Voters: 'Love Is Not a Soft Word'

The New Jersey senator may already be stumping for 2020

(Newser) - Sen. Cory Booker tested the political waters Saturday for a possible presidential run, displaying his warm and inclusive style in New Hampshire—at a time when many Dems are feeling combative, the New York Times reports. "This country has enough hate, enough bigotry, enough anti-Semitism," he tells a... More »

Rep. Schiff Talks 'Jail Time'

And more around the Sunday dial

(Newser) - With prosecutors saying President Trump arranged illegal payments during the 2016 campaign, Rep. Adam Schiff adds a thought: "There's a very real prospect that on the day Donald Trump leaves office, the Justice Department may indict him," he says on CBS' Face the Nation, per Slate . "... More »

Cheney: George HW Bush Was Right About Me

And more chatter around the Sunday dial

(Newser) - Dick Cheney, an "iron ass"? Yep, he admits he was. On Fox News Sunday, the former vice president addressed the notion of "a fundamental break" between him and the late George HW Bush after Bush accused him of being "just iron ass," USA Today reports.... More »

Rep. Schiff Takes the Gloves Off in Slamming Trump

And other moments around the Sunday dial

(Newser) - Rep. Adam Schiff kept up his public feud with President Trump Sunday by calling him "weak" and "dishonest" on State of the Union, per CNN . "I have been briefed by the CIA. And while I cannot discuss the contents of the briefing in any way, I can... More »

Conway: 'That's Not Altered. That's Sped Up'

And more around the Sunday dial

(Newser) - Kellyanne Conway may have cleared up whether President Trump knows acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker—after Trump called Whitaker "a great guy" in October, made him acting AG last week, and claimed not to know him Friday , the Washington Post reports. "The president does know Matt Whitaker, has... More »

Pittsburgh Mayor to Trump: No Way

Bill Peduto resists the idea that houses of worship need armed guards

(Newser) - President Trump's answer to the mass murder Saturday at a Pittsburgh synagogue: They needed armed guards . Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto's response: Not so fast. "I don't think that the answer to this problem is solved by having our synagogues, mosques and churches filled with armed guards... More »

Rand Paul Has a Plan for the Saudi Crown Prince

And other comments around the Sunday dial

(Newser) - Sen. Rand Paul unloaded Sunday on Saudi Arabia and said the nation's leader should be shown the exit door, per Fox News . "I think it's insulting to anyone who’s analyzing this with any kind of intelligent background to think that, oh, a fistfight led to a... More »

10 Most, Least Politically Active States

DC tops the list, New Mexico brings up the rear

(Newser) - In less than three weeks, people will converge en masse upon the polls, though how many turn out may depend on the state and how seriously people in each one take their civic duty. WalletHub looked more closely at all 50 states, plus DC, across 10 metrics for political engagement,... More »

Bernie: 'It's Just Hard to Believe'

And other strong remarks around the Sunday dial

(Newser) - On ABC's This Week, White House adviser Larry Kudlow questioned the latest UN climate report —and Sen. Bernie Sander's wasn't letting it go. "The comments ... that Larry Kudlow made are so irresponsible, so dangerous that it's just hard to believe that a leading government... More »

Rand Paul: 'I Fear There's Going to Be an Assassination'

Senator cites 'unstable' people amid death threats

(Newser) - Already the target of death threats, including from a person who threatened to chop up his family with an ax, Rand Paul worries the current political climate could spawn deadly violence. "I fear that there's going to be an assassination … I really worry that somebody is going... More »

Collins: Christine Ford Believes It, But I Don't

And more around the Sunday morning talk shows

(Newser) - Christine Blasey Ford has a decent memory for sexual assault but a bad memory for faces, at least according to Sen. Susan Collins. "I found Dr. Ford's testimony to be heart-wrenching, painful, compelling, and I believe that she believes what she testified to," says Collins on CNN'... More »

Lawmaker: We're Hearing 'Reports' About FBI Probe

Brett Kavanaugh gets top billing on the Sunday talk shows

(Newser) - First came the fiercely partisan hearings . Now, the FBI probe : "What we are hearing are reports that they are trying to limit this," says Sen. Amy Klobuchar on CNN's State of the Union about reports that President Trump is trying to limit the FBI investigation into Brett... More »

Lindsey Graham: 'I Feel Sorry for Her'

The senator airs his feelings on Brett Kavanaugh's accuser

(Newser) - Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham describes the woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault as a victim of the Democrats: "I want to listen to Dr. [Christine] Ford. I feel sorry for her," he says, per Fox News . "I think she's being used... More »

FEMA Chief: 'You Can't Blame Spousal Abuse After a Disaster'

Brock Long also responds to the "extra" Puerto Rico deaths

(Newser) - Embattled FEMA Administrator Brock Long made a side remark on the Sunday talkies that kinda outshone the main conversation, the Hill reports. Suggesting that the reported 3,000 extra Puerto Rico deaths —a number President Trump is heavily disputing —may have been byproducts of Hurricane Maria beyond anyone'... More »

Mike Pence: 'Why Would We' Use the 25th Amendment?

The vice president also offers to take a lie-detector test

(Newser) - Think Vice President Pence penned the anonymous New York Times op-ed that set Washington on fire this week? Well, he's willing to take a lie-detector test: "I would agree to take it in a heartbeat and would submit to any review the administration wanted to do," he... More »

Giuliani: 'Truth Isn't Truth'

And more around the Sunday talk show dial

(Newser) - There's a reason President Trump hasn't sat down yet for an interview with Robert Mueller, says Rudy Giuliani—and it's all about "truth." The president's personal lawyer in the Russia probe dueled with anchor Chuck Todd over a clear definition of the word Sunday... More »

GOP Strategist: Trump's an 'Anchor Around Your Neck'

And the president's attorney Jay Sekulow defends his "witch hunt" tweet

(Newser) - A Republican strategist had harsh words Sunday for GOP candidates who take their pro-Trump primary message into this year's general elections, the Hill reports. "Now you come out ... from the 'Trump church' in the Republican primary with a big Trump halo," says Mike Murphy on NBC'... More »

GOP Senator on Latest Trump Threat: 'Let's Hope Not'

Ron Johnson pushes back over possible government shutdown

(Newser) - With President Trump tweeting about a possible government shutdown, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson appeared Sunday on CBS's Face the Nation with a little pushback: "I certainly don't like playing shutdown politics," he says, per the Hill . "I don't think it'd be helpful, so... More »

John Kerry Uses Words Like 'Disgraceful' and 'Dangerous'

Carter Page and Nicaragua also light up the Sunday dial

(Newser) - John Kerry took a hard line Sunday in describing President Trump's meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki this week, Politico reports. Appearing on CBS' Face the Nation, Kerry called the private, unrecorded sit-down "one of the most disgraceful, remarkable moments of kowtowing to a foreign leader by an... More »

Bolton Skips Talk Show as Trump Punishes CNN

But he does appear on ABC to talk Putin

(Newser) - John Bolton grabbed headlines Sunday for appearing and not appearing on morning talk shows. The White House nixed his planned appearance on CNN's State of the Union after President Trump apparently felt disrespected by a CNN journalist Friday, Bloomberg reports. "Actually a @CNN reporter disrespected @POTUS & PM... More »

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