Tirah Valley

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Taliban Attacks Fellow Pakistani Militants

Lashkar-e-Islam commits attack, suffers attack from fellow militants

(Newser) - The Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Islam is sometimes described as part of the broader Taliban movement, but if so there's trouble in paradise. A Taliban suicide bomber reportedly attacked a Lashkar-e-Islam base in the Tirah Valley today, killing 23 people, Pakistani officials tell the AP . It's unknown how many... More »

New Wave of Drone Attacks Scorch Khyber

Almost 60 killed in Pakistan

(Newser) - Nearly 60 people have been killed in Pakistan’s Khyber district in a sudden onslaught from CIA drones. Three strikes in the Tirah Valley killed at least 50, while another nearby killed seven more, the BBC reports. Security officials say all those killed were militants, but that hasn’t been... More »

2 Stories