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Thank the Druids for Mistletoe Kisses

Mistletoe has long been considered a magical plant

(Newser) - Thank the ancient Druids for finding the magic in mistletoe, the plant that inspires Christmas kisses, writes Christopher Beam in Slate's Explainer column . Mistletoe has long been believed to have magical powers: For the ancient Druids, mistletoe could make barren animals fertile again. In Norse mythology, Loki used a spear... More »

Exotic Mistletoe Species Discovered

Should you need a factoid to wow holiday party guests with...

(Newser) - If that moldy sprig of mistletoe you've been tacking above your doorway for years hasn't been doing much for your love life, perhaps it's time to upgrade. During a 2008 expedition to Mozambique, several new species were discovered—including an exotic species of mistletoe that grows on trees in the... More »

2 Stories